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  1. Did I mention how happy I am with how it turned out cuz I'm really happy!
  2. I would like to. Now that the helmet and shins are done I'd like to start taking this costume out more.
  3. I paid $75 including shipping. You thinking about getting some?
  4. Attaching the cover strips and knee plate. After so bondo and sanding. And finally after paint and some weathering here is a few comparison shots. Left is the old, right is new. Its not perfect but that side view makes all the difference for me. And lastly testing them out. Sorry I dont have any full body pictures yet, it will be a few weeks before I can take some. In the end I am so very happy with them! I kind of rushed it on a few parts but I think they turned out great.
  5. Unknown. I keep checking back to there Facebook page to get an idea of what it looks like and to see the progress.
  6. So I mentioned I ordered shoretrooper shins from 850 Armor works, it look a little bit but this is what came in. As you can see they are a bit longer than Jim's. I found Jim's to be the perfect height for me, so it took me a minute to think about how I wanted to cut them down. Because I wanted that swoop as high up as possible I couldn't just cut it off the bottom. That's right, I went with the hard way, because this thread isn't long enough as it is. All of them got the tops cut off and re attached. The insides needed to be higher to match outsides so I had to take more off and attach an extra piece to the bottom (doesn't help with flexibility but looks right.) The bottoms are a bit too pointy (right) for me so I rounded them (left) to be more accurate. After much sanding and bondo and sanding and resin and sanding, then I thought - hey, no one is really going to get down eye level and thoroughly examine them, well not in person anyway.
  7. I did this a little while back just for fun, cant find any pictures of it though The heavy weapons incinerator trooper looks fantastic!
  8. I dont know if this would stay in FISDs or not, I heard somewhere that all new troop CRLs with a backpack and pauldron are going MEPD
  9. Its had to tell but judging from the cod piece it looks like R1 armor. I know they got 501st members to be background extras but I doubt this guy is one of ours. Agreed Pyro! Looks to me like less red on the legs. It almost looks like just a small strip on the shins and thighs. I dont want to jump to conclusions but it almost looks like a red diamond on the knee plate. Im really liking the backpack straps connecting in the front. This is so cool!
  10. Its not bad. Because it's more fitted and made to look tighter it's a little more comfortable and less bulky than my Anovos. Not much but it has the slight edge on my Anovos armor. As far as walking through sand and water I didn't really notice a difference, but for the most part I can do stairs in both kits with no problem.
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