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  1. Its not bad. Because it's more fitted and made to look tighter it's a little more comfortable and less bulky than my Anovos. Not much but it has the slight edge on my Anovos armor. As far as walking through sand and water I didn't really notice a difference, but for the most part I can do stairs in both kits with no problem.
  2. yoshix


    Understood. Sorry about that
  3. I wrote Jim about the issue just before I bought the kit. He said he would consider changing his molds when the ones he has are worn out. I haven't contacted him since so I dont know if he ever changed it. I do believe you that 850s details are softer and therefore less accurate but for what I'm doing it should be fine and from what I've see from photos the general shape seems to be more accurate. Also, the fact that 850 is made of ABS is a big bonus for the opening and closing of the shins. I'm considering buying a shoretrooper kit from 850, you just can't beat that price.
  4. I suppose not but I think we need to be more accurate. I asked 850 armor works to send me some shoretrooper shins that I can hopefully mod to do the trick.
  5. Yes, you see how it swoops inward dramatically at the ankle and then flares out at the boot. And it shouldn't have such a prominent calf. The curves just look wrong to me It should look more like the left photo and it bothers me.
  6. This little detail in Jimmy's kit just annoys me so much. It's the wrong shape on the shins. I don't know what to do about it. I considered trying to make my own but I'm just not crazy about going through that kind of trouble right now. I know 850 armorworks is working on vacuum formed Rogue One armor and I'm hoping they have a better sculpt.
  7. Keeping our beaches safe
  8. yoshix


    I've got a few helmet kits ready to go. I'm hoping to get the sale thread up this weekend.
  9. yoshix


    I did a troop last weekend with one of my squad members and he brought his jimmys R1 helmet and we did some side by side comparisons. You can see how much smaller my helmet is. Again, please keep in mind this is a prototype. I have recently made some small improvements and am working on a new mold now. I should be ready to start offering these for sale soon.
  10. I did look at that but many of the references photo I have show a large gab between the ab and chest plate. I do have my chest plate a hair too high though. I may try to fix that eventually. I'm also not a 100 percent on the under edge of my chest plate.
  11. And now, the big reveal Hot Toys 1/6 scale figure or 501st approved costume? I am so happy with how this turned out. So much work has gone into this, and I still have a few things to change before I can go out trooping in it.
  12. I made a few changes before my little photo shoot yesterday that made a world of a difference I cut a notch off the arms and cut them into a better more accurate shape. This helped correct the mistakes I made. I also changed the ankles to be as tight as I could get them. You can see the one on the right is before and left is after. This was a big deal for me because it really bothered me how it looked. Now much more accurate. They started to crack a little so I will have to reinforce them eventually and paint again.
  13. yoshix


    Prototype is finished. I'm happy with how it turned out, I just wish I was a better painter. I did some weathering because I'll be using it for the crystal patrol trooper.
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