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  1. thanks everyone, i will do all of the above, strap crotch, and post pics!
  2. Not sure if this will make sense, i'm really not that "big" i have an AP kit which i'm still putting together and when i separated the kidney and butt piece, the butt piece sticks out a lot and kinda flares out. Needless to say i have a bubble butt...lol, how can i make it more attached to my body? Should i make the nylon straps attached tighter or closer to the kidney piece? I have a heat gun but don't want to warp the sides of the butt piece if i bend in more towards by behind. Any thoughts/suggestions? I might need to post pics...Before i separated the two pieces, granted if fit my behind really well, now that it's separted it doesn't bend out, but sticks out when i wear it...what to do?
  3. that's an awesome display man! i'm in the middle of my AP build, you did a good job on yours, hopefully i can do the same.
  4. thanks for the advice everyone, so can i should ask, are pop rivets on ab and kidney EIB approved? Do most prefer snap rivets on the ab/kidney plate for durability? I'm assuming brads are EIB approved so i guess i should add snaps inside while the brads are merely for looks, if that makes sense.
  5. Another noob question everyone, i've checked Joanne's, Home Depot, Ace, Lowe's, where can i find split rivet for the ab and kidney parts? Should i order online from some site? Do people have regular pop rivets on there armor? Are split rivets the only rivets on the whole armor found on the ab and kidney parts, while the rest of the armor can compose of pop rivets? Any advice is very helpful!
  6. thanks everyone, now i can resume the build! my AP kit didn't come with any instructions. Are the backs required to have strips or could i overlap the backs of the thighs and shins?
  7. thanks everyone, now i can resume the build! my AP kit didn't come with any instructions. Are the backs required to have strips or could i overlap the backs of the thighs and shins?
  8. Hello everyone, i'm currently building an AP kit and need some help. Whats sizes(width) should the finishing strips be for the biceps, forearms, thighs and shins? Do the backs of the thighs and shins need to have finishing strips to be ANH accurate? Any help is very appreciative!
  9. hope this isn't a silly question but the extra strips of abs in the AP kit, do i cut the finishing strips from those to go ANH armor? Does anyone have a guide of measurements for the finishing strips? Another question, does it matter which part overlaps one another, in other words, do you glue left pieces over right pieces or the other way around?
  10. i'm not gonna lie, this is pretty intimidating, but i will keep all your comments to heart. Thanks for the advice, i start trimming tonight, wish me luck!
  11. Hello everyone, i've been on the boards a little while now, mainly as a TX, but now soon to be a TK. I'm expecting my AP armor here tomorrow and wanted some advice. I know there's a lot of great build threads here, but i've got some questions. Based on your experience, what tools do you use when trimmming? I know everyone has a different opinion on how to hold their armor together, for example, best glue/adhesive, what do you prefer? Best method, snaps, velco, both? I worked on my TX build using an FX kit, but since trimming is involved for accurate armor i know i've got a lot of work cut out for me. Any advice would be appreciated and i hope to join the ranks of Elite status. Thanks for any comments/tips you can provide.
  12. TK409 is a great guy, he's a buddy of mine and has a great collection of costumes, i got to wear his Boba Fett at a troop we did in North Carolina. Great neckseals too!!!
  13. just thought i'd share an old pic of my former armor to add the TX section, i'm currently working to get some AP armor to join the ranks...i sold my TX, but i will pick up another set in the future...
  14. Yeah I won the auction is a good deal for that price any scope experts? Thanks!
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