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  1. Congrats man! I ordered mine just a few days ago... am out of the country right now... but can't WAIT to get back to the states, open my boxes, and start getting it all together!
  2. Hey... even Ferengi can reform! Plus, that was a whole different lifetime (slash universe) for me.
  3. Yes, ever since I've known her she's known I'm into costuming... that's for sure. In fact, before we moved to Albuquerque she wrote an article for the magazine in Springfield, MO (417 Magazine... that's the area code there...) called, "I married a weenie..." (As in Halloween-ie). It started out, "My name is Celeste Green and I married a Ferengi." It went on to tell about me dressing up as a kid and all the costumes I've done... I think it even included Stormtroopers from my childhood... I can't remember right now. If anyone wants to read the article PM me... it was fun! (if I do say so myself)
  4. So do you mind telling us what each helmet is, starting at the top? ANH, FX, etc... etc...
  5. I too am blessed beyond belief with a wonderful wife who totally understands (and loves) my desire to costume. In fact, she is now getting into it herself and may, within the year, be joining the 501st as well!
  6. By the time the show airs "screen accurate" may become something completely different. I mean, they may "upgrade" the Stormtroopers look for the show or something. I wouldn't be surprised if he let 501st members in as extras and PROVIDED armor for them to wear during filming. I mean who better to get to be extras than people who know what it's like to BE a Stormtrooper? And what better way to insure continuity (on the show) than to simply have the armor be provided? He can afford it... that's for sure... I think... Who here has "screen accurate" armor? I'm still too much of a noob to tell much of a difference in the little profile pics.
  7. We're going to the UAE next week... will be there through most of March. I have a friend who lives there now that we will see who lived in Asia / China for the last 3 years. I will message her and ask for ideas... then post them here for ya. Have fun!
  8. I still think my favorite is Episode V... I like it for so many reasons, including it was the first one I saw in the theater. However, I really, really like Episode III. I will surely get some flack from that... but I just love seeing Anakin turn to Vader. It all made sense to me... and I thought HC did a great job. That scene where Obi-Wan is yelling at him is so powerful. And Sidious does such an amazing job of "wooing" him over. But, the first ones are always going to be the best in my mind... they're just the "real" ones or something.
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