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  1. Few years later and with some help, I managed to get my build ready for trooping. There are some issues that will be fixed along the way in terms of comfort and flexibility. EIB and hopefully Centurion are my next goals. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I think I’m done with the front of the calves. Now I just need to cut and add the rear cover strip and ((figure out)) a comfortable strapping system that I can use for the armor pieces. Thicc legs isn’t an easy gift. The thighs just have me set for stun, and actually stunned. I don’t have any pictures but i do beet to trim them and add all the cover strips, which “finally leads to biceps and arms. I’ve already got most of the armor set such as: blaster, holster, canvas belt, thermal detonator and a looot of willpower to get this done before 2020, which would be, by October 27 2010; around the time I also got approved which was Oct 30-31ish. I’m pretty excited about this and I’m looking forward to showing you guys more! Cheers 4326 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been working a lot and not working on the armor, moved into a new place and new things have been happening. I’ve been slowly picking my build where I left it, and so far I’ve been working on the strapping for the upper armor area. The shoulder bridges stick out like a sore thumb because they were trimmed right of the plastic sheet here once it got home, so I’m wondering if it’s best a hot bath or just a heat gun would do? I’m also a big guy so I’ve been working around and trying to find a way to make my calves look good and take care of the cover strips. Now, that being said, I’ll post a picture below showing how the left calf looks and the cover strip is 20mm and it just doesn’t look right to me IMO. Too narrow? Am I allowed to add a few extra mm’s of plastic to each strip or will it affect me later on for EIB/Centurion? After I’m done with the calves, I’ll go up and tackle the thighs which is my second and biggest issue because THICC thighs, but I’ve enough plastic around to make it work. AP armor definitely doesn’t stops me from being a Stormtrooper despite my body type, just gotta do it right! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I’m debating on using white or off white for the belt. Looking at reference pictures I can’t really choose from either
  5. I see what you mean. That can easily be sorted by sanding the tip area and exposing the resin, which is white. There are still a few details on the helmet I haven’t on worked yet. I also don’t like the brow position so I’ll try to take it a bit higher. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. So I finally got my undersuit, a 6 piece black Lycra suit actually — head, hands feet and body, but I just need the body part and probably carve a neat balaclava with the head part. The gloves it brought look pretty good for ESB but that’s another story. I took my measurements while holding the armor together with some masking tape. Took notes and Used a pencil to mark down the areas where the armor was held. This way I can see where it should be trimmed and add the strapping and little details later on I’ve got thicc thighs so I’m kind of having an issue with them as how I should trim and add the cover strips so it looks just right. It’s a bit overwhelming so I’ll start with the arms and the whole ab area once the belt is purchase and arrives. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Can any mod with super powers add an AP to my thread’s name so other confused people can resort and maybe answer some possible questions?
  8. I literally had to copy it off my phone, upload it to facebook because Photobucket is junk. Update on the TD Clips: Also any comments about the AP mic tips? They’re from AP. Are they good for Centurion?
  9. The type of picture I was looking for. I looked around with a little bit of help of the search bar but the results weren’t that helpful. I’ll fix this tonight and upload some new ones with the updated version of the TD. Is the faceplate and endcaps placement good? The end caps aren’t permanently set in place, should I glue or leave them as they are? You *have* to know they’re not set in place to try to force them out as well. Good place to hide deathsticks for those long shifts
  10. Hi Dan, the clips are sitting at both end of the TD faceplate
  11. Not much done but I did got most of the pieces trimmed down and sanded smooth, and assembled the thermal detonator. I’m curious for anyone that knows about The AP kit, what should be replaced/added/removed? I am still not happy at all with the brow placement and the overall look it has. I’ll tackle that eventually whenever I disassemble the helmet by giving it slight arch, just so it looks like a stunt and not a hero helmet, and add some flat black to the inside.
  12. Hi there everyone I’ve been looking around several possible boot makers as well as belts. I think I’ve got my belt source settled - all I need is the money. I also think I got my boot source settled - all I need is the money. I’m stuck in my build because I need three key items that will help in test fitting and actual fitting: undersuit for proper piece placement and no baggy shirt or pants in the way, belt for obvious reasons and boots for proper calves assembly. Situation here is that I’m financially stuck so I have to take things one step at a time.. and a time goes by i came up with this possible idea [emoji362] Buying black Chelsea boots at the fraction of a cost of white ones, but white leather dye and actually do it “authentically” by dyeing the black boots in white with several coats. Same goes for the U shaped elastic although it’s covered by the armor piece. Is this something that has been done? I’m certainly up for the challenge of getting it done because I’m stuck in a loop where I’ve got no job but I’m willing to sell a few items so I can get some others r else I have no progress in my armor because everything is trimmed down, waiting for fitting and strapping and get my first troop done before 2018 ends. Let me know your thoughts. The two sources I’ve seen are imperial boots which unfortunately are made in Hong Kong and the shipping is too much, TKBoots’ cost is almost the same so getting a pair of black boots with free shipping and the dye will save money and every perhaps leave some extra so I can get that belt and undersuit as well. Thanks for reading! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’ve noticed both biceps are symmetrical and have one side higher than the other... what should I do here? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been sick and also unemployed and investing time in the armor has become a challenge due to various personal reasons. I still need a belt, undersuit, neck seal and boots and to my understanding these items are essential for a proper fit, so I’m stuck on a loop until I can get a job and get things going again. I am hopeful something will land soon and I’ll be able to back myself up financially and afford treatment for my illness (BPD, anxiety and depression for those curious) but finding a job where I’m from and living enough to pay bills and feed myself is complicated, but hope is the last thing I will lose.
  15. Almost done with the bucket, it needs a bit of clean up, S trim, Welders lens, star foam padding (maybe, or something just comfortable), still need to track down some parts I’m missing such as the undersuit, neck seal, belt, boots and the good ol’ blaster. Ivd got a pair of latex hand guards around but I have no idea where, but they’re around here somewhere... I still need to trim everything down, and I’m unfortunately 5’9 tall and I need to trim the thighs. I haven’t worked with the armor fitting on the leg armor area 100% either yet though. It’s probably going to take a lot of snaps and webbing and I’m a quiiite not there yet. (cotton, elastic?) The cover strip system is scary but I’ll tackle it down carefully once the whole fitting is done entirely. I won’t work with the calves yet but I will once I get a pair of boots and I’m able to properly fit them correctly and not wearing them or using others as a mockup and end up looking wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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