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    My TK Buckets

    Nice set man. What all had you done on the MR CE? I'm about to start heavily modding mine.
  2. Yeah, that looks good Lizzeh... the vox piece was really too low was one main thing I saw. Nice job.
  3. It looks really good man... again, applause for taking on this task yourself! I pointed out a few "major" things I noticed here in this image. Also I put some of the original screen used helmet next to them... I know you're doing symmetrical, but this shows some of the spacing and such I'm pointing out. Keep up the good work!!
  4. Yeah, they really do. I'm planning on doing the MR CE ear mod on mine (rather than ordering new ones). I can't wait to start my mods! It will be 2 weeks from now most likely... but I will be sure and start a thread and post pics... though, hopefully, it will be basically this same thing again.
  5. Kevin is the guy to get them from. He will drill holes so you don't have to file down the posts too! I'm planning on going all out on my MR CE. The bar is high... but I think I can make it.
  6. Well, if it's Disney I've heard the actors / street people swipe their ID card when coming to work... then their costume is whisked around on a conveyor belt hanger for them to change into. At the end of the day they hang their costume again, swipe their card, and off it goes to be washed (or cleaned in this case) and repaired / repainted / etc. Disney also have people that come out every night to repaint any parts of the buildings / signage / etc. that needs repainting. So yeah, it doesn't look like Rubies... but even if they did break it I'm sure it would be fixed the next morning.
  7. I agree with Alex... I never have liked the clone armor... It looks like stormtrooper armor that has been modified to look "pre-stormtrooper" to me. Of course it's cool and all, but I just prefer TKs to anything else. I'm old school too I guess. Plus, clones are just that... clones. So you pretty much have to be (or should be imho) a certain height and weight to pull it off correctly. TKs are recruits. Gives us a lot more leeway.
  8. Here are some pictures of my MR CE vs. my FX on my website. The biggest difference is the back of the head! I can't believe it's even more pronounced in person than even in the photos. --------------- MR CE on the left (obviously) and the FX on the right.
  9. Found this going through the official Star Wars blog and couldn't decide what bucket it was. Looks a bit like an MR CE... but there have been mods if it is (tube stripes for one.) Any ideas?
  10. Just curious... what is a "CNC" machine? And you know about the Helmet Archive right? You can see there lots of reference pictures from the film along with what other people have done in their own armor designs. Good luck... that's a monumental task to create your own!
  11. COOL!!! Congrats man! I look forward to that day for me!
  12. You can buy the original un-altered DVDs now too... is that what you're talking about the color being 'off' on? My friend still has the laser discs and a player... we've watched them on that a few times... though it's been at LEAST 10 years.
  13. Yes, a gap is normal... and the ears to cover it. The only thing I'd suggest is make sure the front overlaps the back. That way the gap is only visible "behind the ears" from the back of the bucket and not the front.
  14. I used screws on the ears but just hot glue on the dome... yep, that's all that's holding the dome on.
  15. It's easier to assemble it if you buy it rather than if you don't have any... then it's simply impossible. Seriously, read the forums (like everyone else said) and then get in touch with your local Garrison / Squad through 501st.com, go meet them, and then I'm sure they'll be happy to help if you need it. I doubt anyone is going to just say "yes" though... we don't know you well enough to answer.
  16. Makes perfect sense. That's just how they come... you sort of have to "force it". You can see a picture of mine all taped up for gluing on this post on my website. (About the 11th picture from the end.) It took me 4 hands (in other words HELP) to get it to fit inside correctly... but once you get it and glue it it will stay put.
  17. VERY COOL! Thanks for the side-by-side pics... that is incredibly helpful to see how drastic the difference is between the modded and un-modded. I'm hoping to have my bucket today or tomorrow... (fingers crossed).
  18. Very nice indeed! Yeah, I hope mine comes out this good. I've been reading the MR threads enough that I sure know what I'm going to do that's for sure!
  19. That's what I use... and another guy that I know of here in my squad if not more. I have mine mounted inside my chest... it works great!
  20. I'm 5'11" or so... right now I'm at 220lbs, but that's from 270... and I'm going down (hopefully) to 185 - 190 again.
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