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  1. This looks awesome. Great job. Now how do I get those files to print my own helmet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. well it has been awhile. I stripped the helmet and re did the paint job I am now satisfied with it. All i need to do now is buy lenses. anyone know where to get lenses? please tell me what you all think.
  3. yes i did paint the frown. i attached the ears then remembered I still need to paint them white and add the grey details. lol duh So this is a Almost Finished shot.
  4. thanks guys. I appreciate it. The finish is not that glossy, I am a little disappointed, but I couldn't take it anymore with the spray paint. It was driving me mad. So I may turn it into a Sandtrooper. heres another shot, I put a hat behind the eyes so it looks like it has lenses lol.
  5. well almost finished. i need to finish the ears, then attach them. then get lenses and padding and finish the lines in the tears and traps and im done. tell me what you think.
  6. oh, I meant real stormtrooper ears. I threw away the MRCE ears. I actually figured out a good way to trim the contour of the ears online. I saw it on therpf.com I will be using a contour guage.
  7. Whats a good way of trimming the ears? any tips?
  8. well, i sanded it AGAIN today. and started to paint once again. its looking great. theres a few spots that are uneven so im gonna let it sit for two days and then put on another coat. hopefully even it out. Oh, I received Stompers hovi's I must say they are beautiful. Much better then the ones that come on the helmet. Thanks Stomper!!! now all i need is Lenses. so yeah, Wednesday one last coat of gloss white. then let it dry for like a week, maybe clearcoat it. a big maybe. last time i did that the paint crackled so i dunno. Tips guys?????? Then paint the frown, traps/tears. put on the tube stripes, glue on the brow trim and neck trim. then attach the hovi's. Then find lenses.
  9. i used rustoleum high performance gloss white. bought new trim from seals direct, and ears from someone here on the boards. i am supper mad right now. so i decided to put on the crystal clear today, so i start spraying and after a second of spraying i notice the white is cracking. wtf!!!! this sucks now i need to let it dry and sand it again and then repaint, this time nooooo to the crystal clear. anyone know why it would have done this?
  10. well I laid on 4 coats of the Gloss White. It has a pretty nice finish so far. I am thinking of maybe one more coat. Oh weird thing happened to me while spraying the gloss white on. the bottom of the can bubbled out. Does anyone know why it would have done this? So tomorrow i may lay on another coat of the gloss white, then the crystal clear. I will let that dry and then paint the traps/tears, and frown. Gloss black for the Vocoder, or satin/flat???? yeah! almost done. what do you guys think?
  11. Well I wet sanded today, it is silky smooth all over now, looks great. Once it drys off I will start spraying the gloss white on it. I thought Stompers Aerators would be here today but i guess not. Darn. I also picked up the paint for the frown and traps/tears. Not sure If i should do the vocoder in gloss or satin. Anyone have ideas? Well, heres a new pic.
  12. awesome thank you for the picture. that helps out tremendously.
  13. Question for you. Are those Stompers Hovi's? If so how did you attach them? I havnt received mine yet so i am not sure what the set up on them. oh by the way, helmet looks amazing
  14. well, yesterday I got off work early so I went and bought paint. I got home sanded the filler on the seam of the cap and back and sanded the filler on the sides where the ears go. Then I was happy with the seams so I primed the whole thing 4 coats of primer. I will Wet sand tonight and then look it over. Pray that everything is good and then spray the High performance Gloss white. Then when that nice and coated I will hit it with the crystal clear and then buff it. After that paint the frown/tears/traps/vocoder. Then attach the neck trim and brow trim. then trim the ears to fit, paint them and attach. then the tube stripes. so I have alot to do this weekend. But I swear I am going to finish it lol Still waiting on the Hovi's from Stomper. I paid Monday so I am hoping they are here soon.
  15. what paint did you use for the vocoder, and the frown/tears? I am to the stage where i need to buy paints. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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