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  1. So as usual I scrolled through all of this and probably missed the one post where it said that it was done or would be done or whatever... but... since I didn't see it I'll ask... What's the schedule for this? Is it available yet? So beautiful.
  2. Hey all! I'm back!!! I had to create a new profile — not even sure what happened but it's been so long and the site is all new and swanky that I suppose that's fine. (if someone can get me 501st access that'd be great... if not/I'm currently not technically "active" then I understand) My buddy is doing a Rogue One Vader and that got me interested in doing some TK armor again... but this time, Rogue One! So I spent a few hours last night self-documenting the differences between Rogue One stormtrooper armor in comparison to ANH, ESB & ROTJ. Far more things than I thought or knew and all, are what I think, are big improvements in regards to movement, functionality and general appearance. Like I told Tye "Wolfman", I'm sure there's probably a thread on here but I wanna observe first so I know if it's wrong. Hahaha Looking forward to posting what I find out and my "build" threads. In the meantime... if you haven't seen him... check out my rebellion self.
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