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  1. Just testing to see if I can upload images...
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question... I’ve done a couple hours of reading and about half of the posts that have pics ask me to update my account to allow third party hosting? I looked around my account settings but no luck. Are there instructions somewhere so I can enable all of the photos? So far I’ve just been reading off my I-pad. Thx Brian
  3. Hi, I’m a long time Star Wars fan, toy/prop collector and Stormtrooper addict. I’ve been considering making the jump into an Armor set for a while. Like many started researching on the Web and found Whitearmor.. It has been a really great resource! I’m a larger guy 6’4”, 225lbs. Athletic build so I’ve reached out to Rob at RT-Mod.. Looking forward to getting involved and a first build.
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