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  1. So bummed all the images are gone for this thread.... Always was a great reference...
  2. Thanks guys, I bowed out, I'll just continue on my ABS set I've got in hand!!! AL
  3. The other thing that has me concerned is that he is also trying to sell it on Ebay, not that theres anything is wrong with that but just hits me wrong here is that link. Thanks, AL ----------
  4. Hey there 501st Brothers and Sisters, I have been Watching and speaking with a Member of RPF about a new run of Fiber glass FO Armor, I was pretty close to giving him a deposit this evening but had a weird feeling, it is going to be completely finished, and I've done some research trying get some info on this person so wanted to approach you guys, can you check out this link and tell me if you know any history on this person please.. Here is the link, http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=273868 Really appreciate your help, Thanks, AL, (Blastmaster, TK7752, So Cal Garrison)
  5. Thanks for that Reese, another reason I add padding is ........Don't you ever want to just put on your displayed helmets? I do and my kids do, as well as guests to our house, people are always saying can I put it on, and with no padding doesn't work very well...... So every Helmet in our house is wearable!!!! Thanks again Reese, AL
  6. Hey there, I adding Padding today! This is how I've done all my Helmets for trooping or just Displaying, I start with an Easton Batting Helmet that Has Bio Dri Padding, and Use a heat gun to heat the outside of the helmet which allows the adhesive to loosen and the padding pulls out really easy, then I use Silicone to put it in the helmet. Here is the final fit. I didn't use the ear padding this time, didn't need it, makes for a nice comfortable fit that absorbs sweat if you decide to troop in your Hemet!!! I got Easton "T"Ball Helmets this time around, found them for $19, with free shipping on Ebay.
  7. Awesome, I want one!!!! For my Daughter........(yea right), maybe two, for each of us!!!! Just great!! AL
  8. Hey there, I did not polish the plastic , it was like that when I got it off amazon, The back where I filled, I just taped off the ears/sides so they would not get hit with over spray, then I misted the area with a bunch of coats, then let it dry for a day and a half then used plastic polish to buff it out a bit, (or you could use paint polish) I was surprised at how well it blended, if it didn't blend so well I was going to dive into painting the whole helmet, but so glad I didn't have to do that....... I am going to just slightly weather it but not much. Thanks for the compliment, AL
  9. So cool , Nice work, He must love it!!!!!
  10. The whole process took me about 5 days, working on it a few hours a day, the back of the helmet I sprayed with a Valspar Lacquer White, misting it over the bondo area, then I polished it, blends really good. did some sanding to the edges to get the helmet to fit together with a smaller seem line, I use CA glue to put it all together. I also used the stock neck trim until I find something to replace it, still it looks pretty good. I just need to install helmet padding and I'm pretty close to being finished. May also just do a slight weathering.
  11. So Next I cut out all the tube stripes, I was going to use a dremel but went with a exacto knife that I heated up to cut them out worked a lot better then I used small files to finish them up. I used styrene to paint the blue and mounted them on the inside. I cut some styrene pieces to add the the temples to cover more of the black out line, going to paint them grey and glue them in after it put the helmet together.
  12. I've read through a couple of Black Series TK Helmet upgrades and wanted to share mine, This is from start to finish, so I'll grab the next couple of thread replies to post pictures. First is the pieces out of the box. ​Then I removed every screw, and took everything apart including the Hovi mics. I am going to use the stock green lens because I like the way it screws in but will add a layer of tinted face shield to darken it so you can't see my eyes. I'll be replacing the stock Mics with more accurate resin ones, as well as adding frown mesh. I have also used Model Master Black Spray Model paint, to fill in under the brow, I backed the mic area with white styrene to help hide the slits from the stock mics. I've sanded down the new resin mics so they sit deeper in the sockets. I screwed the new Hovi Mics in so I can removed them if I want. I used a dremmel to cut the majority of the bulky plastic inside of all 3 parts of the helmet. Glued and filled the back side of the Helmet.
  13. Nice work, I can't believe the patients in doing this unbelievable!!!!! Good work, AL
  14. Well, fresh out of the film, and the consensus is, Flat...... at least thats what the kids see, and they are very good at seeing this stuff, but I'll wait till I get my DVD, I am about 90% on them being Flat, So there you go!!! AL
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