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  1. Congrats on Centurion status! We must have about 5 now in the Garrison? Armor looks wicked bro!
  2. In my personal opinion, from the screenshots those look like ESB handguards to me (sorry not the above pic) lol that's what I troop with.
  3. Awesome pics Clay! This costume looks beyond awesome in person people! And he's a great guy to hang with eh big guy?!
  4. Thanks y'all for the positive comments! I saw that Quartermaster used a locking storage box for the radio so I borrowed the same idea but mine doesn't lock (couldn't find one, grrr, lol) so he gets all the credit on that one. I think the weathering adds a bit of realism to the pack, they are a lil too pretty w/o it
  5. Yes Paul I have trooped with it already, the Costco troop was the debut...it rocked! Was comfy to wear the entire time (4+hrs)
  6. Blaster8266 (Anthony) on the M.E.P.D. has a complete run of pouches, all types and they are great! I have his canvas shoulder pouch and a pair of the MP-40 pouches which are awesome! That is another possibility for ya.
  7. Thanks Charles! Or Chuck?! Charlie?! I get called so many lol!
  8. Well that is an older post and a one-off build for somebody, close but not 100%, he has a newer version which is amazing and what I based a few things on mine off of. I know he sells parts for the pack to build but would have to ask to build one.
  9. Another thing is that you can readily buy a Sandy pack from any of the 2 primary builders or someone selling one but with the HWT pack you will pretty much have to start from scratch. Don't worry though, there are some great build threads on that and several of us have completed ones to check out and see what you need to get it done. Hope this helps
  10. Thanks guys! Between ukswrath,Templar726, and Quartermaster recent pack builds, I got so inspired to build one for myself and had a blast doing it! Glad to see the HWT's numbers on the rise!
  11. Hey bro, I'm interested in those straps...may end up building a couple more packs so they will be put to good use! PM incoming..
  12. There are a couple pics that wouldn't load but aren't that big of a deal lol just shows the inside of the Radio (padded storage) and the hardware for the bottom of the straps ( bolts w/nylon lock nuts just tight enough for the strap to move up and down).
  13. Ok guys! I actually got my pack done a couple weeks ago but didn't have time to get the pics done. So here is my version, I am quite pleased with the way it came out and its lighter than my TD Captains pack lol. The radio knobs and the knob on the cone assembly are functional, and the strap attachment on the sides can rotate for easy use. Let me know what y'all think...enjoy!
  14. Just awesome! Again was great to see everyone that was able to make C7!
  15. Congrats on the approval Manu! My HWT will be ready for new approval once my new "Game-version" pack is completed (hopefully by next weekend) then I can show you pics #60 in the Centurion file. Go get your EIB and Centurion approval, love the industrial area pic!!
  16. Love these pics! Was glad to have met as as many of you as I could! Go Empire!
  17. Not till now! Awesomesauce!
  18. Steve,it was nice to meet ya bro! If you remember or not, I was the TK at our photo shoot at the fountain that had you doctor up my neck wallet that had to be reattached at my holster lol! Hope you and Vern are recovering well, its all good, we got you guys!! We are here for you two
  19. Roster this guy as the 4th member of Garrison Titan attending! Go GT! Lookin 4ward to meeting more life-size action figures like me
  20. Wow! Seeing this pic now doesnt help the anticipation of waiting to get down there!! Lol Soon enough...
  21. Yup, Stephs pizza is pretty darn good, and I know lots of other great places to eat and grab a brew! Keep us in the loop!
  22. Great newsletter and R.I.P. to those we lost..buckets off..
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