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  1. Hi,<br><br> yes, this are my personal patches... first one as TK and another in TK-HWT. I make them here in Europe... you can find the patches into the 501st db unter "Manutex" or "TK-92673". <br><br> The design was made from Juan José Matamoros
  2. Hi, that on the picture is a patch... the run is already done
  3. Hi guys,<br><br> if there are some trader... find attached my personal patches and trading cards.<br><br> Would be happy for a trade
  4. Hey, nice pack there. Love the weathering ;-)
  5. Hi, here the pics how I make the straps on my pack: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30476-another-hwt-backpack/?p=401732
  6. Hi HWTs , another pic from my shooting... there are many nice pics, but that's my favorite:
  7. Hey Charlie, thanks . That good News, looking Forward to see your backpack
  8. Hi Kai (Jek-14), here some pics, I use 1" nylon webbing and 1" buckles for the strapping. I fix some snap button, to lock the pouche (blue) and the nylon webbing after pulling it to fix the backpack (red): As you can see, I cut out the "deep bump"... so the back part of the armor hold the backpack in place
  9. Hi, Thanks to everyone... have to modify a bit for EIB, but at the moment I don't want to ask EIB status! Other big projects in mind...
  10. The Stormtrooper on the pic looks cool but you will have very minimal mouvement with the tube on the side. For the armor/helmet you need a ROTJ version!
  11. Hi, What I think about it? It looks similar like packs here in the forum. I find just the upper boxes too small and I don't like the polished radio buttons so much. The rest looks great.... Here a pic of my backpack... I like it when the boxes are mounted very compact:
  12. Hy guys, I'm happy to announce that my HWT was approved today.... I'm now officially one of yours, a proud HWT
  13. Same lake mine.... 60 cm long and 6 cm wide
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