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  1. I do have the 3d file for the backpack if interested
  2. You are absolutely correct, in my liking how well it was turning out, I forgot to fill in the non needed details, gonna fix and repost some new pics....we can call this WIP
  3. Converted my original sculpt into the SW Resistance version, going to mold this up and it will be available at KB Props on FB or if interested PM me here!!!
  4. Just to quell the rumors.....It was suggested, that I recast the td I am now offering, this could not be farther from the truth... Here is the 3d model I made in Solidworks. I 3d printed it on my Raise N2+ 3d printer . I did state in a previous post that I had seen the mouse's version and I did upgrade my molds with better details to be more accurate, but recast.....please, I have no need to......
  5. As you have all had a chance to read the misinformation, let me set everyone straight. I made some sales that were not deliverable due to bad plastic, this situation repeated itself 3 times. I was forced to buy small amounts of plastic (per Sheet), the supplier I use is the only one that sells per sheet. As a result they sent me old stock that was contaminated with moisture, since the 4x8 sheets needed to be cut down to 2x2 , I was unable to return them, hence so many B-grade sales. I handled this poorly and I am to blame for the way it was handled , I take full responsibility. I was a
  6. As with all of my molds, I make the legs (Thighs) deep and tall for trimming down to fit multiple sizes. Never been fond of one size fits if your lucky armor builds.
  7. Never had a problem with bondo, it pulls great!
  8. Sorry troops its been awhile since I posted an update. PC crashed.......anyway here are some progress pics!!!
  9. Death Trooper Grenade DT & ST Shins roughed in
  10. I will be knocking out the shins next for both the shore and DT
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