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  1. Awesome armor there! And a great job on the helmet!!! I'm suggesting a few tips to improve this even more: - repaint the ab buttons, they're a little too big imho - lower biceps and so reduce the distance between forearm and bicep - reduce distance between shoulder bell and shoulder strips - put some padding over you shoulders (under the black suit) to let everything sit a bit higher Very clean build there, I love it! Nice!
  2. Another trick to gain one inch in height is to pad the inside top of the shoulder bells, put extra padding inside the helmet and put a foam over your shoulders before wearing the armor, that way everything sits a bit higher.
  3. I want back "X-Wing VS Tie-Fighter" with this level of detail!
  4. Since you're obsessing over the buttons, is that midnight blue or french blue?
  5. Awesome pictures, guys! It was a blast to troop with you in the biggest event for me so far! Here's another pic of us three after the uber-hot and uber-long parade: Hope to see you in Rome at the end of september!!! Tschuss!
  6. Loctite Super Attack GEL or any other thick CA glue works wonders, E6000 doesn't stick to latex.
  7. A very very very very very happy birthday to you!!!!!!!! Hope you have a blast!!!
  8. Actually they ARE made of rubber, those are the famour rubber thighs used for tougher stunts: -trooper falling from the closed bridge in the grappling hook scene in ANH -trooper who jumps the injured one to enter the cell block -trooper shooting and then falling in the pit while our heroes escape from the Death Star in ANH -this trooper, which is the same shooting at the Millenium Falcon while they escape In this last shot also the shins look like they're made of rubber!
  9. De nada! It fits you like a glove!!! Great build, I'm very happy for you! It was a pleasure helping you in achieving this result!
  10. The front lines are slightly angled, and they should follow the helmet shape:
  11. Nice helmet! But I'm sorry to inform you that you put the tube stripes on the wrong sides... those should be swapped.
  12. I used white Plastidip on both my latex and rubber ones with wonderful results. Sticks perfectly and it's very rugged.
  13. The thighs thumbnail still has the top and bottom lines It needs to be replaced with this one Thanks guys!
  14. No, Riveting's ones are correct, you posted the old TM pattern, this is the updated one:
  15. You're welcome! I mean, look at this one!!!!!! Incredible, thanks to you, it's because of your tutorial that my suit was good in the first place!
  16. Yeah! Sweet TM goodness! The biceps are a bit large, I'd do what others did recently: re-open them, trim away an inch or more and close them back, it'll look much better!
  17. Very nice pics!!! I think I've set the trend for high quality TK studio photography, but this is OUTSTANDING!
  18. Definitely! But now you have to shorten the drop boxes' elastic
  19. Nice job! but I'd trim the top and bottom of the plastic belt to match the screenused ones
  20. Woo-Hoo! Happy birthday mate, have a good one!
  21. Well, I can't pinpoint that precisely, I think it's the proportion between mouth and eyes width, or the "chin" dimension... But Maybe I'm just too used to the TE2 look The other day I tried squishing mine at eye-level and it looks much better I just have to find a way to keep it there!
  22. Ehehe Thank you! Eh, I remember old times, when my armor used to be the best one around... *sigh* Could you guys please stop raising the bar?!?? Btw, I weathered mine a bit yesterday, but the semigloss of your painted one is PERFECT!!! Your armor is incredible, but IMHO it would be killer if paired with a Gino helmet, even the new TM still looks a bit "off" to me. I'll get this combo... then I'll be the Master again MWUAHHAHHHA!!!
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