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  1. Greetings from Sunny México; Feliz Año Nuevo to all!!!
  2. I´ve found this at YouTube... Enjoy…
  3. Que impresión José... gusto leerte Damián!!! Water at the mouth, really drooling… truly awesome event… what a great parade. Just look at all the joy, the delights cause by you. All that people are reflecting the excitement and it really shines true. I wish we were just a bit closer; it would be an honor to troop with you on the next Training Day V. FELICITACIONES A LA SPANISH GARRISON!!! Question: In the pictures and during the parade, I’ve notice day light and night light: How long did it lasted???
  4. Hey Jeff, The best wishes and thoughts from my family, Hang in there… Daniel
  5. A very good friend of mine made this piece for me last year; my seven year old boy was so excited… He looks like you daddy!!! LOL What do you think?
  6. Solo Troops are great but only if you are not really alone. My wife has done the “handler†part in this ride. I’ve done this myself only in a couple of times and yes it has being fantastic (in my point of view). For some members having a good handler watching your back is an absolute must but in my case yes, I did though about that and that was my only concern, not having anyone to watch my back and I was aware that if necessary, my wife wouldn’t do much. That’s why, from a number of possibilities, you would definitely have to select the right place and time for it. (I would avoid wal-mart’s or any mall) I just love group troops, but my “solo troops†has been an absolutely one of a kind experience for me… http://www.whitearmo...l=&fromsearch=1 Cheers!!!
  7. Hey you guys come on... Have you done solo troops? Share your experience, post some pics…
  8. Hi Brian, Yes, I did though about that and that was my only concern, not having anyone to watch my back and I was aware that if necessary, my wife wouldn’t do much in that case. That’s why, from a number of possibilities, I’ve selected the right place for it. But you know what; I’ve being group trooping, including handler and new recruits and everything and I have had in just one single event (excuse me if this sounds vulgar) 3 an impolite person graving incidents, and no one, not the handler could do anything about it… I just love group troops, but my solo troop was an absolutely one of a kind experience for me… that I do recommend… You have to live it to believe it…
  9. Hi everyone, I’ve had many unbelievable experiences trooping with my fellow friends here in my garrison ever since I joined the group back in 2010. Like my very first trooping event. We were invited to spare a visit to a local hospital to the children’s who unfortunately had to spend Christmas day there. http://forum.whitear...opic=14025&st=0 One of my personal objectives when I decided to become Stormtrooper was to troop by myself, not because I don’t like the company of others, but just to have that simple and plain experience, to troop alone, that simple idea was to me like doing the Bungee Jump. What was that like? Was I crazy enough to do it so? LOL… Back then (2006), one of the things that induced me was the legendary Danny Cho, (many of you know of whom I am referring to) what he started doing then for me was an exquisite idea that began to grow as a must do for me. For those of you who don’t know who this Danny Cho is, you can link to some of his old YouTube videos: That guy was just the beginning; here at FISD and once in a while, some members spoke of their experience trooping alone and it sounded fantastic to me. So, with the support and enthusiasm of my wife, I decided to do it in a place that had nothing to do with Star Wars, Comics, Anime or Sci-Fi; in a place where you are not invited, in a place you are not expected; where people will either hate you or love you… “So, I did the Bungee Jump†I’ve picked an outdoor market, an antiques market that runs every Sunday locally. I almost back down honestly, I am used to be in front of people but my heart begun to beat harder than normal and I walked in with shaking knees, I cannot explain why this happened but it did. I was expecting a similar feeling to other trooping events, however and somehow I felt the people’s reaction to my character very differently; my senses began to expand; I started to live, I started to taste and smell the excitement of the people around me. People showed a level of excitement that I was not prepared for. Cars with families stopping by just to see me, the owners of the stands left their booth to get a picture with me. While I was walking though the market I kept hearing; WOW… How much does he charges for the picture… Go get your dad… ooh my god… and it would be a long etcetera… Besides the pictures, my wife took videos of everything and some folks even followed me the entire time keeping their distance and trying not to be obvious about it. It was an experience like no other… I will never regret it… If you have done this yourself, please share your experience…
  10. Excellent photos David, thank you for sharing them. I look forward to see some more.
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