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  1. This discussion has helped a lot. Thanks all. Like I said originally, I'm not planning on getting rid of scuffs, dings, etc. Just the stuff that doesn't look right. For example, I've trooped twice in it now, and I have a pretty good sized black mark on the butt plate where my E-11 black paint rubbed off while holstered. It looks flat bad, not weathered or battle-damaged, so I'd like to clean that up. I'll be ordering some Novus tomorrow.
  2. Got the UA washed right away. The one spot I definitely want to clean up is where my blaster rubbed against my armor while it was holstered. That black smudge just doesn't say "realistic battle wear and tear" to me. Otherwise I'll let most of the dings build up over time.
  3. Thanks for all the tips. Where can you buy the Novus Plastic Cleaner and/or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? I'm guessing Wal-Mart.
  4. Last night I completed my very first troop (can we say: AWESOME!!!!), and I remember reading a thread here somewhere that said to keep your armor in good shape for years to come you should always lay it out when you get home and clean it up after each troop. Of course, I can't find that thread now. I don't want to clean up everything - I definitely want that "lived in" look that scuffs, dings, and scratches bring to the TK look - but I do want to preserve my suit as long as I possibly can, particularly since The Boss ( :leia: ) has informed me that this will be the only armor that I ever have! So my question is, what do you guys use to clean up your armor after you're done with a troop? For reference, I have an ABS TK. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, Daniel! I think you're right...and it drives my wife crazy! Eric, no, no one ever responded either here or on my Garrison forum, so I'm sticking with what you see in the picture. I looked at a lot of builds, and this seems to be correct.
  6. Thanks, troopers! I made what I *think* is my final purchase: a storage container for transport. Have armor...will travel!
  7. Got my acceptance email today! TK-4802, reporting for duty! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me along on this build!
  8. I found mine at Office Depot. http://www.officedepot.com/catalog/search.do?Ntt=brass+fasteners&cm_mmc=Google-_-NB_OfficeSupplies_Basics_E-_-Basics_Fasteners-_-Brads_33957815
  9. Working on putting the neck trim on, and I want to get verification that I'm putting it on correctly. Based on this picture (found at http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=15112&hl=neck+trim&fromsearch=1): I put the trim on this way: Is that right?
  10. Building TKs in a tiny space FTW!! I've been putting mine together in our little dining room, since that's all the space we have. It works - just a little cramped.
  11. If you hit the "Stunt Build" link in my signature, you'll see the suit progress. I've been sick a lot lately and haven't been able to put the finishing touches on yet. I literally have 4 things left to do on the helmet and I'm done...I just need to feel better so I can do them! And welcome to the white plastic party! Be sure to drop by the New Member Introductions forum and say hello.
  12. That part took a while. I used a very small flat head screwdriver. There is a lot of glue in there holding that cap on, so you have to work at it slowly and steadily to remove it without damaging the cap. The idea is to just get the screwdriver under the edge and work at loosening one little area, then work all the way around the perimeter. Keep repeating, pushing the screwdriver a little further in each pass. Eventually you'll remove it without destroying anything.
  13. I've seen two recommendations recently for teeth mesh screen material: 1.) Hobby or art stores sell a mesh that you wrap around a form that you then sculpt on top of. 2.) The mesh used for screen/patio doors. I'll let the experts chime in on the helmet padding.
  14. I used my remaining stripe decals to fix one side. Another set of decals is on the way to fix the opposite side. Thanks for the suggestions - I think this does look a lot better. **EDIT** Of course, I just read another thread where it said that the left and right side of the decals are laid out specifically to go on those respective sides of the helmet. So, once the replacement decals get here I'll be redoing the whole thing.
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