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  1. Hi guys, sorry I don't drop by as often as I use to, busy bulding a ESB Fett. Love the new look. As the title say it was my birthday today so my wife got me a new phone ant this Next to my MRCE ESB Helmet A bit freaky Well why not have a TK cake...we got the kids a Fett cake And an RC Boss cake with my sons helmet for size My turn for a bit of fun on my birthday I reckon
  2. Congrats Sean all that hard work paid off....now to get to work on mine....after I finish Boba
  3. Some people never learn. I just hope he was stopped before he had a chance to part someone with their money.
  4. All here to help out mate. If you want the screws give me a bell I might have some screws left if not I know where to get them. Shins is a pretty easy fix, if you can't do it I will be having an AP later in January. Lenses I didn't notice yours at the AP the other day, I am sure that someone here has some spare welders mask to get a couple of lenses from, I might have some here will check my box of goodies. Don't get discouraged mate, we all want to help you out. I forgot my TD in my submission photos and had to wait a while till I got the correct ears for my hero helmet, and I had to fix a few little things and it took a while. Don't rush it take your time.
  5. Nice work mate...looks great, glad you decided to go that extra few steps and go EIB. Hopefully another Redback EIB soon...good luck.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys...will look at getting some more tube stripes and fixing it up. I have tidied up the paint line around the ears also
  7. WOW...awesome...thanks Paul. Thanks to everyone who helped me out on the way with tips on how to improve my TK, free stuff, bought stuff and all the encourgement... Wooo Hoooo
  8. Hey Sean...thanks mate..I hope so....I have been dragging it out for far too long...couple of little extras might even aim for centurion
  9. Just stumbled onto this...WOW...amazing work...thanks everyone
  10. Thanks Jenny...Good luck with your EIB...listen to all the experts
  11. OK all done hopefully...better late than never Below are the list of changes requested as per the earlier posts: - Thermal detonater - Fix my shoulders - Pics of the drop boxes - 3 Bar ears - Better helmet decals Thermal det Shoulders, added some elastic to the inside to pull them a bit closer and moved the connection under the straps Drop boxes, has some left over HIPS when I made the kids costumes and tried to make the inner drop boxes. Helmet 3 bar ears and new decals I hope this meets all the requirements now...would love to have EIB going into a couple of big troops soon. If not please let me know where I can fix things. Cheers Steve
  12. Thanks for the tips guys. I probably should have mentioned that the armour is HIPS.
  13. Hi all. I am in need of a bit of help. My shoulder straps need to be removed and replaced they are glued to the chest piece with super glue (I think it is the same as CA glue?) Would it be best to try and remove as much of the strap from the chest piece then try and get a sharp blade between the strap and the chest and slowy and gently cut the glue? Any and all tips would be appreciated. Cheers Steve
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