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  1. This is awesome! I can already tell I should look at TM, while I don't think I will need to replace my AP soon, it's awesome to see what a lot of people are using. Great idea with the poll Paul!
  2. What a shame. Hopefully they evolve like the Clones, into more ANH Look
  3. Then you need to make it clear on the page that it is not associated with the 501st Legion or whitearmor.net and is only a fan page, because as it stands it comes of as representing some part of those two. I don't know what arrogance or lack of respect you a reading, but it certainly is not my own, and I see no reason why my age has to be brought into this?
  4. Your point is that because I have two/five inappropriate photos, tagged #501st on my own PERSONAL page, it makes it okay on the detachment page? That's a logical fallacy plain and simple. As I clearly stated above, if it was your personal page, or my personal page, I wouldn't care, because that represents you, not FISD. No one has the right to tell you what to do with your own PERSONAL page unless it breaks some rule. It's not about my influence or opinion on the page, because this isn't about me and You, it's between you and you representing the detachment on instagram. You agree with my opinion, yet you think because it's 2014 the middle finger doesn't offend anyone? Dude I get the joke, but you would never see that picture fly on the official Star Wars or 501st Social media. What if I walked up to your kids and gave them the finger. Or cursed in front of them. Would you want that? Would it be fine if I said "It's 2014 bro, chill out"? If you'd like to have leadership involved then fine lets go that route. I don't think it needs to be shut down, but it needs better moderation. I've got a couple of questions for you though. What is your personal instagram handle, your TKID, and did you consult anyone from the FISD admin team before creating this page?
  5. Like I said to SolidScrafty, you're free to do whatever you please on your personal page. But @Thewhitearmor is not a personal page, because while it might not be your son looking at instagram, someone will be looking at the page and it will represent FISD to them. As far as my actions not representing my words here, I don't know what "a lot of mature content with 501st hashtags" means to you, but you referring specifically to "girlfriend half naked with wearing parts of an armor" I've tagged pictures of her in her own Richies femtrooper armor 5 times as #501st: Twice by herself when we were building the armor, and three more times at wondercon when I was wearing my ANH AP armor, and we were at the booth. The first two, was just for building purposes, but the three at wondercon were perfectly acceptable as, I'm in uniform and we are at the booth. That was march of last year. So out of 733 posts, you think 5 posts marked #501st with my spouse is a lot of mature content, step back and look how silly that sounds. I'm all for the page, and it really does have the ability to give us one more avenue for people. I wasn't trying to cramp on anybody for wearing eFX, but there is tons of content with troopers in great armors on IG alone, but in the end really as along as we are directing people to www.whitearmor.net, and the detachment looks good, then it's a win all around.
  6. A stock (out of the box) MRCE and/or EFX PCR helmet does not meet the basic 501st requirements without the major modification that are necessary. So, no troopers shouldn't be be wearing them. I'm all for whatever you want to post on your personal page, but @thewhitearmor is not a personal page. It represents the Stormtrooper Detachment. More widely it represents the 501st. Popular or not, these factors need to be addressed.
  7. Love the enthusiasm, but I gotta say, it's not going in a great direction. http://i.imgur.com/kTwI6VP.jpg This is what I'm specifically referring to. 1st picture: I get it, Boobs+Star Wars. I'm all about it. Nothing against @force_girls, I've had friends on, hell my girlfriend was on it. But it's not what FISD needs to be represented by. It's star wars yes, but it's not TK specific nor does it follow the PG-13 rating the Legion Social Media follows. 2nd Picture: I'm all about the Star Wars shirts. I've got like 40+ graphic tees of star wars alone. But a Middle finger post? in a eFX bucket? Come on dude. Again doesn't follow the PG-13 rating the Legion Social Media follows. 3rd Picture: GOTF CEO? Cool, I love all the little Star Wars fan clubs, it's awesome what Social media can bring together. But Does FISD really need to be associated with eFX buckets and Disney troopers? I don't think so. I'm all for the whitearmor presence, but seriously lets try to keep it like the rest of Legion Social media, and not another Star Wars fan club posting EVERY SINGLE eFX lid.
  8. Email ATA he sells his sets for 12$? If I recall. AP did get back to me, just waiting to get the straps in order.
  9. I'm going to put white pvc tape under both I think, it's glued together right now
  10. Thanks! I moved in December, I hope to move to Corona soon!
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