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  1. Who is making First Order helmets? Wouldn't mind picking one up if they are reasonably price... which I am guessing their not.
  2. Unfortunately I may have to. Does anyone know what a fair asking price is? I noticed some of the other incinerators here on the forums sold for around $1200. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, Due to some unforseen circumstances, I am contemplating whether or not to sell my full Incinerator kit with flamethrower. Hopefully this is in the correct forum, but could some of you maybe comment, and tell me what the value of my kit is? I honestly have no idea what a fair price would be; at the moment I guess I will just call this an interest thread since its not actually for sale, and I havent stated an asking price. Here is the build thread with plenty of pictures: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=18191&hl=incinerator&fromsearch=1 It is ATA HIPS, and uses snaps and elastic. The inside of the helmet is covered with that plasti-dip stuff and the visor is held in with velcro. I have two small squirrell fans that I will give you that havent been installed yet. Also, it would come with a voice amplifier for the chest that will allow you to play chatter files. The TK boots are a size 12, and the armor fits me quite well at 6" 185lbs. Thanks guys.
  4. I just found out about them today myself, lol. I played Diablo 1 and 2 when I was a kid, so I am pretty anxious to try 3 out. I cant afford it either
  5. Wiggleplum

    Diablo 3

    Hey everyone, This is a bit random, but thought I would ask on here anyway. Have any of you bought Diablo 3? I am trying to find someone willing to let me use one of their guest passes. Thanks, Michael
  6. I have been testing it with an old battery I had laying around, but I just ordered some rechargeable 9v's and I will post how long they last as soon as I get them.
  7. Oh, and this works just fine wired up with a 9V without using a regulator. Cuts down on weight considerably, and boots volume a bit.
  8. Hey everyone, I am not sure if anyone has already posted about this amp kit, but I received it today and it is incredible for the price. I don't really care about being able to amplify my voice, I simply wanted something cheap that would let me play a chatter file. It has a 3.5mm input, and a "remote" that is easily mounted that lets you cut it off/on and change the volume. The speakers are loud, and weigh so little I just used some Velcro for them. Here is the link in case any of you are interested: ------------
  9. Thanks for the help everyone! I submitted my application last night, so hopefully everything will go smoothly.
  10. Looking at these pictures again, it seem like I need to tighten up the strap for my left shoulder.
  11. Hey everyone, I have had my kit for a bit over a year now, and I am hoping that I am finally ready to apply for membership. Could some of you maybe check out these pics and tell me anything major that you notice that might hold me up? I forgot to attach the small 9mm pouch that goes on the side of my mp40, and also my neckseal. Also, sorry for the low quality pics. I have a friend that is going to lend me their camera when it comes time to take the detailed pictures. Thanks for all your help in getting this put together! Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. Hey guys, I am working on putting together my full resin e-11, and had a quick question. How exactly do I mount the hengstler? I can seem to find any pics at the angle I need, and I am not sure how to proceed. Thanks everyone
  13. Hey guys, I finished my O2 canister a few weeks back, and got it painted and glued up together. I didn't take into consideration how I was actually going to attach it while building it.... What are some of the methods you guys use? I would prefer not to have to spend 20+ bucks on some metal clips, so any cost saving or simple ideas would be awesome. Thanks everyone, Michael
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