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  1. 7th Troop - 7/5/2022 - May The Toys Be With You (Northampton)
  2. 6th Troop - 30/4/2022 - Kimpton May Festival (Kimpton) HighHighlights: - Really pleased how well it all went, especially as I was the one who suggested we do the event (it was for the May Festival my village throws each year) - Super busy, lots of good interactions with the general public - Got to arrest my neighbours - Confused my other neighbours daughter when she came running up to me and said, "I know where you live!". To which I replied, "Oh, you mean the Death Star?". Cue does-not-compute child reaction face
  3. 5th Troop - Ware's The Brick - Ware Quick link To Full Photo Album Here Some of my favourites: Highlights: - Flicky horny ants off a troopers bum - Lego EVERYWHERE - Meeting a chap again that I've haven't seen for about 3 years and didn't know was into Lego - Had great fun with my camera whilst spotting
  4. 3rd/4th Troop - MegaCon Live! Birmingham My first My first "Big" Con - both as a trooper and in general. Had an amazing time and met some fantastic people. Can't wait for the next one! Favorite highlights: - Jordans Blaster being fixed in the middle of Fort Dunlop bar. Metal rod, power drill, wooden drink stir sticks and epoxy resin all in use! - Jawas riding bumper cars - getting a compliment on my stormtrooper accent/voice - The huge parade with all the amazing costumes - someone in the early bird line saying “ah yes, you guys are what make a Con!” - Recreation of the opening scene to ANH at our Tantive Wall. Stormtroopers vs Rebel Troopers - Power Rangers from Reel Icons - Helping a new recruit into their armour, I know I’m quite new still but felt very much like passing the baton. Great experience. I’ve also never seen a single human so happy about being branded! - Dinner on Saturday with everyone at Hickory’s. Tony’s birthday being a particular highlight! - Daleks and Tardis from Cyber Legion - R2 builders club - Being used as an example by one of our armourers as they were talking to a member of the public about how we make the costumes. He seemed quite pleased with the work I had done! - finally working out how to get in and out of my armour without any assistance from anyone!
  5. 1. Ben 2. Connolly 3. TK19984 4. A4 5. Chemi Sorry for the delay! https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/19984-centurion.png
  6. Woooo! This is awesome! Thank you to everyone for all your help, couldn’t have done it without all your insight. Can’t wait for my next troop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 6/3/2022 - TK Maxx - Red Nose Day (Reading) My first offical troop having passed my induction. We were collecting for Red Nose Day and over the weekend we managed to raise £140! Had a great time practicing being a statue, and managed to scare a couple of people who thought i was a mannequin, but the best bit was being randomly hugged by two small children.
  8. 20/11/2021 - East Anglian Winter Fair (Chelmsford) My Induction Troop! Fantastic introduction to the UKG - had a really great time with everyone and got to see some amazing costumes. Walking around with Vader and Chewie was a blast. Everyone was really welcoming and helpful, got inspired by Mr Tibbles to look up FISD and make an attempt at my EI and Centurion applications. Got strangled by Chewie a fair bit, sang along with a choir and made a lot of people smile.
  9. Okey Dokey! I've persuade my very tired wife to help me suit up and take another set of photos. I promised many things I may regret later! Really happy with how this has turned out - i think i look a lot better
  10. Hey Chemi, Thanks for coming back to me on this, i really appreciate all the feedback from everyone. I will suit up again as soon as possible and take new photos. Is there anything else that needs tweaking or improving? Cheers
  11. Heya! Thank you for point these bits out but i had already addressed them in my follow up post to the photos. The pencil lines have already been removed (its a photo from when i had just finished fixing the buttons) and the armguard is a dressing issue from where i had pushed the gloves up and not pulled back down the armguard. Since it was a minor dressing issue, i didn't think it was worth suiting up again and reshooting everything. Was that the right thing to do?
  12. Finally - in case I pass, here is a PNG (transparent background) action shot
  13. I am aware of a couple of things as follows: a) Forearms riding a bit higher than they should do. This is because I have shoved my gloves up and not pulled the forearm back down. I've double checked this against the forearms when i am not wearing them and the strapping is the right length b) there is a piece of strapping visible under my armour. This is the "suspender" part of the new thigh armour system I made (see "March To Centurion" thread"). After this suit up, I have decide to remove the suspender part and just stick with the new belt I made. I didn't think it would be worth taking everything off, removing this single part and then suiting up to reshoot everything though c) The ab/kidney gap has improved with the weight loss over the last couple of months. I've lost 7kg! I believe I am now within the gap permitted by the CRL Thanks in advance to whoever is my DO on this and hopefully I've done enough to pass Centurion
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