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  1. Sorry for the no progress pictures. I had a slight medical condition that required two brain surgeries but I did manage to fix the shin that I messed up and everything is ready for me to do the snaps and it'll be done. I missed seeing everyone's builds.
  2. I bought a snap set from Jo Ann's. It's really nice, came with instructions. I'm just used to man tools I guess. My right shin was put together by a friend of mine that was "helping" me. I cut the 7/8" strip which left a 3/4" strip left. Well, he used the 3/4" strip and used zap a gap and zip kicker. Then he reinforced the inside like I was doing to the shins , also with zap a gap and zip kicker. I had to remove it and it did a lot of damage to the shin. I believe I can fix it. I just have to use some creative thinking.
  3. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the nice words. Doing this one should make my Shadow Trooper a lot easier. The back piece had a huge gap right in the middle. I'm going to work a little more on the shaping before I attach the plastic shoulder straps. I bought a nice set of snap setter tools. But So far on two test snaps neither of them work now. lol They are frustration to take frustration out on! OH, Wait, Maybe that's why they don't work Yeah, I left the return edge on the inside of the bell, I thought it was required. But I can sure enough remove it. I'm going to try heating it some more too and reshaping. It doesn't look bad it's just not as clean looking as it could be. I destroyed my right shin removing the cover strip so now I have to fix it. I think I can though. If not I'll have to order one from Mark if he has one.
  4. so I wanted to make sure my measurements that I took were correct and everything lined up in the back and sides with no gap at all. So now I can attach the front and back. It's actually comfortable to wear too. Test fit of the forearms, biceps and shoulder bells is pretty good too. I'll be attaching them like a sleeve. next is snaps. Not looking forward to snaps. I had to do some heating and shaping on the back plate to get it straight and remove a small gap in the middle but that wasn't that bad. I don't like my shoulder bells not fitting around the bicep fully. You can see the black elastic pretty good from the bell on the bicep. I tried heating and reshaping it helped a little but it's still not how I want it. I might take an 1/8" off the front of the forearm for more room for my hand to go through. Btw. Thanks guys for your builds.
  5. Getting ready to attach the left body together. I'm still waiting to pull the clamps off the Sniper plate. It's like wanting to pick at a scab so I just put it in the closet so I couldn't see it. I don't have a brass rivet for the cod plate. So I have to go find one. I have plenty of split rivets just none that are brass. I still need to order a belt and holster. I had to get a measurement with the armor on first. Ok. This attachment method is a PITA. I'm just saying. Why couldn't they have phillips heads back i the 70's
  6. Yeah they'll be there but I've seen so many different ways to attach it. I have an idea of how I want to do it. I guess that's the fun part though. I want it to stay tight and together there ( I believe I read there could be 1/2" gap on each side but I'd like to keep it clean looking.
  7. 10-4. That's what I'll do. I have a question on the 6 side rivets. Can I just put them in attached to nothing and use the double snap method on the inside instead? I think i read it should be elastic as well?
  8. I need to leave it longer and get stronger clamps then. At first it wasn't even close to fitting so I did the hot water treatment and got it closer. Now I can get it all lined up by manipulating it but when I take the clamps off it seems there isn't enough of a contact patch. I'll glue it again, double the clamps for more pressure and leave it for 2 days. I wasn't sure the bath would work but it did make it doable. I might use small c clamps to apply more pressure than the springs clamps. I'm making progress now. Both arms are done, I'm putting the "body" together now as I have it fitted to me. That's a pita by yourself. I'll post pictures of the progress so I can get feedback on what else I need to do , I'm sure there'll be something that can be done better. I'm taking bits and pieces from lots of your builds to build mine.
  9. Can I use rivets to secure the sniper plate? Glue isn't holding it. It's a it wonky but rivets would solve the problem.
  10. Should be the last fix to the paint on the helmet. If not, I'll boot it like a football.
  11. I put on multiple really light coats. Not too much run so it should clean up easily this time. Mark can I ask you a question about the shoulder bells?
  12. Since the above pictures I've cleaned it up a ton more. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to paint it. Should I take the ear pieces off to lay the decals?
  13. Thanks. I'll mark them and then I'll lay down some more paint and pull out the toothpicks. I've picked this helmet to death but finally I've cleaned up all of the lines and additional paint
  14. O I'm about to do the tube stripes. Which is left and which is right?
  15. Ok how is this looking? Vocoder defined, teeth fixed, teardrops, traps too.
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