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  1. Ok. So it feels way better without the elastic on the middle of the chest piece. I couldn't get my snaps on the shoes and shins by myself and I know the color looks weird, but this definitely gave me room to breathe and I could walk around comfortable for the first time. I did make a bigger piece of elastic mid chest to "pull" the chest piece down. Patiently still waiting on Mark to send my buttons and strips.
  2. I've taken the middle elastic off and temporarily used Velcro to pull it down and see if I can get it to work. If it does I'll make it out of snaps and 1" elastic. Without me in the clamshell it seems to work. Now whether it works while I'm in it I'll find out tonight. I'm riding around looking for the glue for my gloves. Full attempt again tonight.
  3. Also, that's Mark Hamill on the right which is 5'6" and his chest plate was cut down. This is from the scene where Luke and Han are going to rescue Leia
  4. This is impossible being 6'2". But I'm still going to put better elastic in the front. But it'll never be that low.
  5. Hopefully this will help the biceps and shoulder bells. All in all it's a decently nice fit with very little gap anywhere.
  6. So I did my best to suit up by myself. Lord I'm in pain now. It took forever. Everytime I'd get one shoulder bell and bicep right the other would pop out from stretching to get the other one in. I also found out the shins ride up. So I snapped them . (Now that I can do that) Gonna try again later tonight. Can't get my latex hand guards to stick on my gloves, so I'm making straps. Another question. Can I cut more neck relief so I'm not feeling like I'm being choked all the time?
  7. I plan to do just that next time I suit up. I didn't want to glue them not on the armor. I've spent this much time to get it right, I didn't want to make them be out of place. BTW, remember my question on the back of the AP thigh armor? I did what you said and trimmed a little bit at a time and finally they stated looking correct. I appreciate the help with that. The thighs never looked right in the back but now they do.
  8. The drop boxes do align with the ammo belt. They do slide.
  9. Installing the blaster holster Using the leather strap as a guide, this is the distance away from the ammo belt. Using a ruler I measured 15 mm from the bottom of the belt and made my mark for the first hole. I then did the same for the second strap. Both holes marked since this is a stunt build. I then measured 25 mm up and made a mark. This is the underhang of the holster and is seen. From there I measured 15mm from that, made a mark in the middle of both holster straps Using a leather punch I made the 2 holes in the belt and the holster. I used #8 1/4" Chicago screws to attach it to the belt. The finished belt ( minus the belt buttons I'm waiting on.
  10. Found a better one. Looks a lot better. I'll be installing all the electronics in the helmet while I'm waiting on my belt buttons and cover strips from Mark.
  11. The one I bought from someone here is too short. I'll try to find one local.
  12. Do you guys think this s seal is too thick?
  13. I'm right down the road if you want some help Phillip
  14. First time suiting up the top. I definitely need to cut some relief in the neck. It's harder to put this on by yourself than I thought. Getting all the parts on and snapped is kinda uncomfortable. Didn't want to ruin my neck seal. Just kinda a first fit. I wish the shoulder bells were a bit bigger but all in all. I'm happy with it. Back to building!
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