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  1. Thanks guys, yes I will do, I didn't even know there was such thing as an induction troop till the other day!
  2. I've pretty much not been on any forums since I got my armour cleared about a year and a half ago, had to put my armour in storage for a while so I've not done anything! but I'm back now and hopefully i'll be doing my first troop this year (New Years Resolution). Also i'm looking for anyone in my local area to chat with and make sure I go through my with New Years resolution. Dave
  3. How tall are you? I'm not sure I've heard fo RS props, where can I find info?
  4. Ha yeah Jedi robe is a crime against humanity.
  5. I just noticed there appears to be a new Original Stormtrooper / Shepperton Design Studios Search Battle Specfrom SDS.
  6. When/where do we find out the total raised and the winner?
  7. Just donated hopefully I'll donate a bit more, told my friends on facebook too.
  8. This ends 28th August? So we have over a month yet? I was a little confused by "giving away in a charity raffle this weekend". I will tell everyone at my wargames club (being full of geeks I can guarantee a few people will be interested, I will be disapointed if no one donates)
  9. All I have is duct tape and a hammer! The blaster project is going to have to go on hold for a few weeks until I have money or gain the will to sell things on ebay again.
  10. I think I'm getting the doopydoos kit, I only need a blaster now but I can't really make the rail myself.
  11. Where can I get an E11 rail for the doopydoos kit? The blaster is the last thing I need. Thanks in advance, David.
  12. I'm certain drinking is a legitimate hobby nowadays. I do play football and enjoy mountain biking, although at the moment I have lapsed, though hopefully I'll be going for a ride tomorrow. I still need to study pictures/do more research, at the moment I was leaning towards TM. SDS armour looks nice but I keep reading bad things about it, although without much evidence which isn't much help.
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