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  1. Thanks for the post, I like the idea of using a USB & external power source for running the fan. Do you just use velcro to secure the fan in your helmet? Thanks!
  2. THANK YOU for this thread. I got mansplained to today by some coworkers about how they can just buy the "expensive costumes" at Disneyland to join the 501st because they are being sold at Disneyland and are "super expensive". I tried to tell them that just about any commercial costume may require some modifications, but they wouldn't listen to me.
  3. Saw TFA, totes wanna do a Phasma. Got a Tusken Raider/Sand Person costume for now, thinking about joining you armored folk The Arclight here in LA has one of the Phasma costumes on display, I'll head over there in a few days and get a ton of pics. I believe it's the real deal, so if it is, I'll share reference photos.
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