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    I enjoy friends, family, Pabst Blue Ribbon and my job. I work A-10's in the USAF and I couldnt be happier!

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    Dune Sea Garrison
  1. I am ready to submit for EIB but I cannot post in the thread. I have tried the link to gain access but the link is dead on my end.
  2. Has anyone got all 3 of the setups that Shnar mentioned above to see how they all mash up in to one bucket? I would be interested to see how they all fit together.
  3. I thought I saw the armor coming off or the front right trooper's ankle armor/spat in the still pic. I wonder how many things we will be able to pick out when the movie does come out.
  4. Good Day, I was just wondering if you are still making the sound systems for TK Buckets and if you did do you have any in stock? I have a birthday coming up and I would like to purtchase one of your products with the money I get. I tried PMing you Wyatt, but it said you could not recieve new messages. VR, Joel Hamm TK-8706
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