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  1. Hi all, I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I've had this rotj E-11 for a few years. It's a beautiful item, really nicely made, it seems to be a mix of metal and resin and it's very heavy - far heavier than, say, a doopydoos. I remember I paid a fair bit for it. There are no identifying marks on it, but I'm wondering if anyone recognises anything about it? Cheers
  2. A group shot with CfO would be even better... given he probably produced all our kit!
  3. Will certainly be there, though not sure what armour I'm taking. If I knew there was a definite meetup, would be well up for it.
  4. a whole... um... 31... 0.o Interestingly there's at least 2 new ROTJ build threads in the UKG, That'll double our numbers haha.
  5. There are three of us currently active in the UKG as far as I know, there may be more non-501st, I have no idea.
  6. Keep meaning to sort myself out for EIB and Cent but... you know how it is...
  7. I forgot all about this thread, I even posted in it... and now I have a Havoc Squad myself! http://www.forum.rebellegion.com/forum/costume.php?mode=view&c=9062&bu=coslist.php%3Fview%3Dmy&bl=Back+to+my+costumes
  8. If score and snap isn't breaking on first bend, you just need to score a little deeper and then sandpaper. I don't think I've ever seen this tearout tbh and I've nearly finished 5 months of scoring and snapping on a (nonTK) project. I'd be concerned about scoring both sides simply because, what happens if I dont get the cuts exact? That could get real messy.
  9. I can tell ROTJ from everything else because it's what I own and it's like being the ginger step child, the comments. I can't see any difference in any of the others though! But to be honest, I don't really care either. So long as everyone's happy and having fun, that's all that matters.
  10. Nope, getting out of the armour is one of the best bits of a troop!
  11. Never occured to me to take it out of the suitcase!
  12. I feel like I'm too old at the end of every troop! (42) But I still get home and sign up for more
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