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  1. From the picture of the kidneys flip it around and it should be right. the smaller curve to the bottom. The side button look fine also, 10mm from the edge 20 from the top and equidistant for the rest.
  2. Tony hit it on the head. I have a hard hat liner in all of mine.
  3. Hey Travis, CONGRATS!! "You have taken your first step into a larger world".
  4. Hey Thomas, As mentioned by Tonya nd Joseph, the Blaster most likely will not be approvable on the pack. As far as the strapping I do the same on my pack as Joseph stated. I have a 1 inch webbing with quick disconnects that goes under my shoulder bridges and connects to the bottom corners of my packs. I've cut grooves in the plastic and looped the webbing through. Also, the pack you build looks awesome, great job!
  5. Congrats on your purchase. There is no parts list or instructions that come with that kit. Send me a picture and I'll be able to tell you what your missing from AM is anything. Check out the build thread on here, They construction hasn't changed much between makers. Good luck and if you need anything just ask.
  6. Welcome to FISD. As mentioned check out the getting started section. RS is a good set to have and there are a few others makers that also have a very good set of armor. Good luck with whichever suit you pick. Glasses are a little tough under the bucket, but some people wear a set of sports glasses which seem to work for them. As far as the breathing I have no problem. Again GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. Exactly what Daniel has suggested. Most of the time I drill out holes in the front and then use a knife (carefully) and a file to clean them up. Best advise is just to Take your time. Looks good so far.
  8. Welcome aboard Derek. A lot of great information has already been told and listen you must. Good luck on whichever build you do. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  9. Welcome aboard. Ukswarth's combos are a very nice addition. Good luck on your build.
  10. I'm the same a Q, except my forearms are the last on.
  11. Welcome and as said earlier your off to a good start. Good luck on that BBB day and getting started.
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