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  1. Hey Shawn, Welcome to FISD. Great to see you here.
  2. Looking good. Good luck with your submission.
  3. Welcome to FISD and good luck on your build.
  4. Awesome tutorial. Thanks Joseph!!!!
  5. Welcome to FISD Clint. This place is a world of information to get started and to build your armor. If you need anything shoot me a message and let me know.
  6. Welcome to FISD and congrats on your purchase. YeH my wife is my photographer and handler also. It’s funny she reminds me sometimes how to get suited up so I don’t forget anything.
  7. Welcome to FISD and good luck with your build.
  8. Great to see you over here Nancy. Good Luck on your build.
  9. Very nice. Good luck Nadas. Listen to Joseph, he has great advise.
  10. I've attached mine on the backpack strap and also on the pauldron. I had a snap on the stop of my shoulder strap and then a second around the armpit that attached to the ammo puch with an elastic strap. When I did it on the pauldron I put a snap on the pauldron and it le tit hang. It has worked fine both ways.
  11. Thanks for everything Joseph and Congrats Brein.
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