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  1. Thank you so much for your help! Just sent him a message.
  2. Does anyone have Panda Trooper's contact info? Looking to buy RT-MOD armor soon to build a TD. Terry, if you're out there in a galaxy far far away, please reach out. Thank you!
  3. Hey Terry, prayers for a speedy recovery. I sent you a PM regarding getting in touch with you in re: to email and purchasing armor when you're up and ready to go.
  4. Walter and his wife opened up their home to assist with my armor build a couple of years back. Walter and a few other members as well came to the house to assist with the build. I was floored to see how knoelwdgeable he is and how well he blended the shims together with the ABD plate. He is very patient and took his time perfecting what he does with great pride. Thank you much.
  5. John Cambra EIB Letter Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/42111-eib.png
  6. Thank you and no you didn't miss it. I have to include that and paint the inside of my Hovi Mics white.
  7. Name: John Cambra 501st ID: TK-42111 FISD Forum Name: johnbc21872 Garrison: Golden Gate Armor: AP (abdomen, kidney, butt plate); RT-Mod (arms, shoulders, chest/back plates and legs). Helmet: AP Blaster: Lewis@hfxproductions.com Height: 5'9-1/2 Weight: 205 lbs. Boots: TK Boots Canvas Belt: Trooperbay Hand Plates: Troopermaster Gloves: Alaska Bear Natural Silk Thermal Liner Unisex from Amazon.com Neck Seal: SDS Holster: AP Helmet Trim: AP Hovi Mic: Trooperbay Undersuit: Two piece body temperature regulated under clothing from Costco. Electronics (not shown): Acker Amps
  8. TK-42111 from the Golden Gate Garrison requesting 501st access to post and request EIB/Centurion status. Thanks http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14786
  9. TK-42111 from the Golden Gate Garrison requesting 501st access to post and request EIB/Centurion status. Thanks
  10. I have an E-11 from SDS, seen in my profile pic along with the armor I'm wearing too. Despite of all the differences I'm reading and have heard from the past from others and not to mention the cost, I love mine as well!!
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