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  1. Pistolsheets

    Bavarian Autosport oil pan?

    Thank you!! For some reason this never popped up in my search. And thanks for the link to the build, I'm more than likely going to be mashing them together as well.
  2. Pistolsheets

    Bavarian Autosport oil pan?

    Hey everyone I had a quick question. Where are y'all buying the oil pans at? I built a pack already but it's the ukswrath build and I'm coming around on the bulky pan look. I've searched and searched but no luck to make the transition. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Pistolsheets

    Ukswrath's SWCO giveaway

    Name: Jacob Gonzales TK86267<br> Item: Cooling system V2 (non bracket, (4AA battery operated and USB adapter)<br> Number: 68
  4. Pistolsheets

    HWT Patch

    Patches arrived! So awesome thanks!
  5. Pistolsheets

    HWT patches for sale

    You can count me in for 2, thank you.
  6. Pistolsheets

    HWT Patch

    Sweet! Put me down for 2.
  7. Pistolsheets

    HWT Patch

    I need one!!
  8. Pistolsheets

    HWT Challenge coin interest?

    Now if only we could use that design for a patch....
  9. Pistolsheets

    HWT Challenge coin interest?

    I'm for at least 3. Just got approved not to long ago.
  10. Pistolsheets

    HWT Backpack build Part 1

    Kind of silly to ask but I am in the process of assembling the pieces and cant find anyone selling the TK shoulder covers. Is there anyone here that has some scrap left over? Thanks
  11. Request for 501st access. <br> TK-86267. <br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21376'>http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21376</a>
  12. Pistolsheets

    DadintheFog's ANH Stunt build (Anovos) - First Timer

    Can't wait to see how you start your build! I've had my kit for a few days looking at options to start.
  13. What's up everybody. Pretty new to the costuming scene and looking to make friends in the field. Back in April my friend and I bought stormtrooper kits from anovos and I guess that less than a week they are going to start shipping. I joined up with the FB group on building the kits and have been directed here numerous times. They've been helping with recommending tools and supplies needed to complete my training. <br><br> I have yet to buy shoes or e-11 blaster kits from any such place, so any recommendations are appreciated. We are pretty excited to start building our kits as soon as we get it. Being a Star Wars, to me, this is the highest mark of fandom. The main goal is to do the charity work the 501st puts in here in California and doing the comic con circuits. <br><br> So yeah other than building a kit I'm just saying hey and looking forward to the task ahead. My hobbies are tabletop games, video games, comics, movies, hiking and cosplay. Thanks for the time!
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