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  1. Thank you all my fellow troopers! Honored to add this Heavy to the Centurion ranks!
  2. Name: Jacob Gonzales Username: Pistolsheets TK-86267 Southern California Garrison Inland Empire Squad Armor Maker = Anovos Helmet Maker = Anovos Blaster Type = E-11 by Hyperfirm, T-21 by Inland Empire Armory Height = 5'10 Weight = 170lbs Weapon Pack = Custom Built UKSwrath tutorial Pauldron = TrooperBay Pouches = TrooperBay / Imperial Boots Accessories = Macrobinoculars by justjoseph63 Boot Maker = Imperial Boots Canvas Belt = Kittle Belt Hand Plates = TrooperBay rubber latex plates Electronics = Icomm, UKSWrath fans, Microphone, Aker speaker Neck Seal Type = Anovos EIB Application Link: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/51425-tk-86267-requesting-heavy-weapons-trooper-eib-status-anovos-approved-2nd/ Centurion Requirements: -Pauldron rivets painted black along with tighter neck closure, -MP40 pouches now sit lower on the belt -Backpack sits lower in body shots provided below. Front: Back: Left Body: Right Body: Action Shots: Front: Back: Left: Right: Detail: Belt: Neckseal: Pouches: Boots: Gloves: Blaster: T-21: E-11: Macrobinocs: Backpack: Strapping:
  3. Thank you very much! I’ll get these issues sorted ASAP and I’ll see you at Centurion level, thank you thank you. Thank you, happy to add this one to the ranks! Looking forward to making this one a level higher! Thank you brother!
  4. Thanks brother! Always nothing but love for the Heavy Hitters! From the screen shots provided above it seems to be that all black rivets may be the way to go in accuracy to the game model. The pauldron was only ever used on sandies so a real world pauldron would have visible rivets. And used in Mando S2 it was literally off the rack prop and not something acquired and converted. I’m all for keeping it as close to the game model so I think I’m gonna try to eliminate the rivet visibility. Although those pesky shoulder closure straps might be an issue.
  5. Yes, exactly! After I submitted photos I plan to add more snaps to close up the neck loop. The intended result would be the rivets coming in and pulling up the shoulder pouch. Thanks for the advice, I have some paint on stand by if all else fails.
  6. Thats awesome brother! Love to see more HWT out in the world! Good luck in your build and future submissions!
  7. Thank you for the compliment sir! I have added the front sniper plate photo as suggested, I thought I added it but I guess not. I, in no way, mean to offend any and all notes or recommendations from my fellow troopers and especially staff. In saying that I have noticed fellow troopers being approved Centurion level with the pauldron provided by Trooperbay. The 4 Silver rivets passed on the local level but if this an issue I will gladly address it.
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