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  1. Interesting. Thanks for the paste info. I think that gave me some ideas. I may assemble the armor and then remold it to fix it but I'd have to make it from fiberglass or obtain a large vacuum machine I've been eyeing. I'm not sure I want that big machine around though. I'd rather not mutilate this armor since it's ATA so I'll have to think on this a bit.
  2. What kind of a shim please?
  3. ...and a forum friendly front shot:
  4. Thigh - The strip on the back is going to be pretty big and I want to consider a tapered strip which means I'll use the filler to make it smooth and then add a strip the same size as the front. Does that make sense?
  5. I still don't think I'm explaining it correctly. I want to know if I can make the trim strips 7/8" on front and 1" on back of the thighs...
  6. Sorry, maybe I didn't explain it right. The cover strip in the front will be continuous 3/4" top to bottom. The back of the leg the cover strip will be 1" top to bottom. That gap in the middle may be misdirecting my question. I'll squeeze them together so the trim piece will sit just above the bend in the armor continuously top to bottom. I'll line up the knee parts which as you can see makes them uneven at the top but I'll trim that on the outer part and the trim piece but I'll reference photos first. Tim
  7. Question on thighs. I need to get some more room so is it ok to use a 3/4" strip on front and a 1" on back and will they still pass for Centurion?
  8. Steaming and stretching Imperial Boots. I have different sizes by accident but these are 45s.
  9. Forearms I got a bit of glue on a spot I'll have to take care of. I've switched to E6000 and magnets from the magnet discussion. If you haven't seen the new source for magnets you should check it out.
  10. My name is Tim, I'm on the East side of Dallas, I manage a Fire Sprinkler company and I fly a Mooney airplane, skydive, build model planes, and enjoy creating things. My bother and I bought our ATA armor 4 years ago and between the move and purchasing the airplane I have been too busy to get to the armor but now I'm moving along nicely. I have my blaster and holster to start as well and I'm looking forward to doing so community trooping when needed.
  11. Arms... The lower and upper arms are assembled. I'll post some photos for comments tonight. I'll be ordering another right bicep to replace the skinny left one.
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