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  1. PICTreed

    Rubber gloves and texture

    These gorilla gloves?
  2. Joseph suggested to put wax paper inside gloves before glueing. I got on here to post the same thing.
  3. PICTreed

    PICTREED build

    Sorry, should have been clear. The straps is what I meant. Once I told a fellow aviator that on a night flight in a Cessna I lost all power. He asked if I ran out of gas. Oops, I meant electrical power. I stopped by JoAnn's and got most of what I need and I got the strongest versions they had. Thanks.
  4. PICTreed

    PICTREED build

    Is the elastic knit or woven. Or does it matter?
  5. PICTreed

    PICTREED build

    Starting with some organization
  6. PICTreed

    PICTREED build

    Oops, can someone move this to the ANH Build forum.
  7. PICTreed

    PICTREED build

    Just ordered the silicone hand guards and split rivets from Joseph I saw a TK strap kit from Imperial Boots. Comments? Should I just pick all this up locally or is this a complete kit? Centurion quality? Looks like I'll be getting my boots from there. Blaster was ordered a couple years ago from Phoenix Props. Plan on putting electronics in it. Got a $70 mannequin for hoots. Ignore the bucket...it was a gift. It appears to be a little skinny but I wasn't going to get a normal "plus-size" mannequin for ~$260. Maybe if it stays in the theater room but I doubt it. Holster - Darman's Neck Seal - Darman's Still need to track down gloves. Need mic electronics. Fans... Need a belt...probably Imperialissue.com Tim
  8. PICTreed

    New Trooper from East Dallas

    I'm going to use this thread for notes if that's ok.
  9. PICTreed

    New Trooper from East Dallas

    Thanks all. I'm not sure if it's common to build on a mannequin but I found one today for cheap. I can see that it's possible to mess things up if I size it to the mannequin instead of my own body but it might come in handy. Problem is...who looks like this.
  10. PICTreed

    PICTREED build

    Hey everyone. I just posted in the New Member section so I'll skip all that. My brother and I got our ATA suits a few years ago and we are getting started this year. I think the armor builds great as an ANH stunt so I figured that's what we'll aim for. I'm ordering the bits and bobs on Amazon for the build today and I have a question about the SPLIT RIVETS. It says 5/16" on the supply list and I assume that's the length, right? Are there any other suggestions? I also need to start looking at boots. Thanks, Tim
  11. Greetings everyone. My name is Tim and we just moved from Fort Worth to Terrell, Texas for work reasons. My brother and I got our ATA (just realized his name is Terrell...ha!) a few years ago. I put mine on hold because I started flying a Mooney and have been caught up in all that fun. Now that the move is about done and I'm getting settled in I figured I'd concentrate on the build. Probably going ANH stunt, would like to make it Hero quality at some point. My hobbies are my plane but I also play around with the RC side. It's a 1965 Mooney E model. I was born in '67 so it's about my age. I've been doing some upgrades to it like new starter, minor repairs, and avionics. (I am not an A&P, I have a buddy that has the same plane and is an AI). In the RC area I use to fly 60's and 70's pattern planes up until I started flying the bigger ones. Since they are rare we would find an original kit and make a mold and copy them with fiberglass. We used CNC and hand cutting hot wire tools for cutting wings and we got really good at different composite construction methods. So the years of doing RC has given me lots of fabrication experience so I'm sure I'll use some of that here. I work in the Fire Sprinkler/Alarm/Security field and I use the plane to get to job sites around Texas (or wherever) when they need a licensed tech. I've been doing that since mid-late 90's. I'm glad to be here and I look forward to the build and the advice. I'll start a thread later in the proper forum for ANH. Tim W. in Boyd has been giving me some advice. Thought I was going to be his neighbor until the office moved on the other side of the metroplex but I'm sure I'll meet someone here too. So far I have the armor, the holster, E11 (aus Deutschland) and the neck seal. I'm ordering the list of materials from the list here today (mostly from Amazon). Thanks for all the help in advance. Hopefully at some point I can share the same patience with other newbies like many of you are about to do with me, Tim Reed