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  1. Ya, I think this one is close but it seems a bit small compared to my Stormtrooper. It will probably end up in the theater room as a prop.
  2. I think ultimately I will order a Tie Fighter helmet and convert it (TK needs to be finished first) but I just got the printer and wanted to experiment. I'm not impressed with a plain printed part. I think it's a great start but it's difficult to make a finished product so this may help the guys that have the printers and realize a printed costume isn't where you stop. The materials are sitting on my shelf from my days in RC Plane building. The vacuum machine was used for making different types of fiberglass parts like wings and fuselages so we can get lighter fiberglass parts. We vacuum formed the canopies and we used the silicone molds for scale engine parts and other details cast out of resin. The construction from raw materials is what I like best. I was deep into producing parts for other guys and it's not anything I ever want to get into again unless we run across something that isn't being produced by a proper shop. I think we need to support these shops as much as we can because if it weren't for them we wouldn't have these awesome costumes.
  3. After failed attempts at joining Jolly Roger I thought I'd post here about my build and maybe get some feedback. I thought I'd try a 3D printed helmet and use it as a mold for the final product. I'll be using a combination of vacuum forming, composite or sandwich construction with fiberglass and epoxy, and HydraCAL/Hydra Stone or something similar for casting. I'd like to make this as accurate as possible even though it's not from an approved source. My fear is that the scale of the helmet may be off. Once I get it finished maybe someone can compare some measurements from their Tie pilot helmet.
  4. It said to create a ticket which I did and I've had no response.
  5. I tried JRS...no luck! Thanks, I'll look at the 'other' page.
  6. I have all the build materials now. Picked up the proper gloves and will start on those. I guess I need to look at the pictures and just try to line it up as the reference photos show? For the blue and black buttons on the ab I thought about printing some round vinyl paint masks so the circles will come out perfectly round. Pics to come. While waiting I started printing an Inferno/TIE Pilot helmet. Takes a long time! It will get assembled, cleaned up, and probably molded so I can pull some a carbon fiber helmet. I have some yellow kevlar, that might look kind of cool too as a prop. Each half of the helmet will take 2-1/2 days! Too bad we don't have a section here to post TI stuff. I may have to make a clay bust first to adjust some things...we will see what it looks like after assembly.
  7. I'm going to get the ones they posted in the other thread then.
  8. Joseph suggested to put wax paper inside gloves before glueing. I got on here to post the same thing.
  9. Sorry, should have been clear. The straps is what I meant. Once I told a fellow aviator that on a night flight in a Cessna I lost all power. He asked if I ran out of gas. Oops, I meant electrical power. I stopped by JoAnn's and got most of what I need and I got the strongest versions they had. Thanks.
  10. Is the elastic knit or woven. Or does it matter?
  11. Starting with some organization
  12. Oops, can someone move this to the ANH Build forum.
  13. Just ordered the silicone hand guards and split rivets from Joseph I saw a TK strap kit from Imperial Boots. Comments? Should I just pick all this up locally or is this a complete kit? Centurion quality? Looks like I'll be getting my boots from there. Blaster was ordered a couple years ago from Phoenix Props. Plan on putting electronics in it. Got a $70 mannequin for hoots. Ignore the bucket...it was a gift. It appears to be a little skinny but I wasn't going to get a normal "plus-size" mannequin for ~$260. Maybe if it stays in the theater room but I doubt it. Holster - Darman's Neck Seal - Darman's Still need to track down gloves. Need mic electronics. Fans... Need a belt...probably Imperialissue.com Tim
  14. I'm going to use this thread for notes if that's ok.
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