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Baby steps to HWT

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After the day I've had today with a driver pulling over into the next lane right in front of me for the second time in my work vehicle I thought this post might cheer me up.


I bought a set of ammo pouches from @justjoseph63 a while ago in hopes of building a HWT.


I must say, these are lovely.

With a troop coming up this weekend I decided to start this journey and start with the TK Captian. So I ordered an orange pauldron from Trooperbay, bound it with twine and sprayed it with water to help it naturally lay down over my shoulders.


I'm super excited to sport this tomorrow! Can you believe my wife asked me if I was doing this because the other TK I troop with had a white pauldron?:laugh1: I've wanted to be this guy forever!

The styrofoam I laid it over was a store-bought item that is used to roll under your back when you're lying on the ground.

The next thing I did was add snaps with leather thread and velcro to the pauldron and back side of the ammo packs.


I hope this goes well tomorrow. This is the reason I used Chicago screws on my drop boxes and did not glue them together


I feel honored that I get to add these to my belt because they have been used.


I'll add pictures tomorrow after the troop.

Don't tell my wife, but next up is the backpack!



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Off to a good start, we'll after the bungle that is:duim:

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My pauldrons all hang in my closet on hangers. After a while, they get a really nice fold in them that looks natural when worn. Doesn't poke up in the back either.


Good luck with your HWT journey!!! I love wearing mine. The pack isn't light but it looks so dang awesome.

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You are officially further ahead on HWT than I am on mine.

Still need to acquire 3 pouches and Tupperware boxes.


Best of luck with your build.

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Awesome to see another HWT in the works! My own HWT has been derailed over three years, but I have everything in-hand to finish it. I just want to take take my ESB and Hero conversions to L3 first. I may or may not have Joseph’s HWT pack in my possession, in addition to the one I was building myself. =)

Good luck on your conversion! I went all out on product sourcing for my pack, so if you want to purchase links, check out my HWT build thread.

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