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Revvek’s E-11 [TroopaCoola JMC] blaster build


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Time to open another build log for my ANH TK. 
follow the TK build here Revvek’s ANOVOS TK upgrades (stunt)

I ended up going for a TroopaCoola JMC kit!


This is an example photo of one completed. Very nicely detailed!


It arrived intact a few weeks ago and I haven’t done anything on it yet, other than unpack it.



lots of parts! (I also got some TroopaCoola fans for my bucket)


hope to find to go get working on this soon!

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Added URL to primary TK build
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Decided this morning to start working on something from my blaster, and the grip seemed like a good place to start. 

Removed the various seam flashings and vent spots with snips or hobby knife, and the main fill point with a saw. 


Then sanded things in prep for some spot filler. 
there are some areas with bubble collections that need cleanup. 


after drilling out the bottom hole to prep for maybe putting my charging port in there, I decided the area around it was Swiss cheese, so I used a small carving bit to clean it up and get ready to rebuild the area with something more sturdy than spot filler... (Seems I missed some tiny bubbles)


BTW, I love this vice!



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Bottom fixed!
Used the back of a drill bit to fill the hole while patching. 



I’m still considering IF I should install my blastFX in this (it’s configured to be F-11D)

If I do, maybe I’ll put a push button power switch in the bottom under the set screw.

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Seem to have run into resin vs paint issues on the grip, after applying some black primer.

I washed the part and wiped it with IPA as well before paint. 


I am investigating solutions. 



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While considering my paint issue options I started to work on another part. the folding stock.


trimmed out the area between the arms, and along the back side fill channel covering the holes. 




just needs some minor bubble patching and primer.




oh, and I'll try to heat bend the one side that looks to need it a bit.


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Attempting to leach the epoxies or whatever it is in the resin causing paint issues using a technique recommended to me by an expert who works with painted resin prototype things all the time.  
boil water and poor it over the item with resin mixing issues.

we will see how it works when I get it cleaned up and and apply paint again!


definitely see something


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The boiling didn’t work… 

I used simple green and a sonic cleaner to remove the paint, then tested with a bit more primer and glossy sticky areas return. 

(And most of the spot putty patched bubble holes did as well)




time to start carving areas out and replacing them, like the bottom with some Milliput

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I recommend that you request replacements of any parts that seem to have resin curing issues. From my experience with this kind of problem years ago, it cannot be properly or permanently resolved. It will continue to weep residue that will prevent paint adhesion. I don't think you should have to use a "cut and replace" process with filler to fix significant casting flaws. The vendor would probably try to help.

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I bet the boiled water trick could work on thinner cast parts, but this is very thick. So it would probably take a lot more work to save….


But, Marc sent me a replacement, and it arrived last week. 


Thanks Marc! 

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So busy lately! Partly as described in my TK build log, and because R2 is out visiting!



So, I haven’t touched this build for some time… But I did get a replacement grip! Thanks Marc!
Forgot to post about it.






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