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Captain Cardinal Build

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Shawn, may I ask what it was about the boots the LMO's had issue with?

I think you mentioned either the cape or the gloves as well.


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Any updates on this? 

I have everything done other than the color of the boots & gloves. Also, I cannot afford the cape yet…so I am on hold for a while.

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First, let me start by saying that I love @CrookKnight's build thread. Shawn, everything looks incredible thus far.

Ok. So I'm doing a little research which always leads me back here and now I have a couple questions. First, Shawn, have you sourced a cape yet? I have a pattern for the Phasma cape and intend on working on it soon, but I was curious to know if you've made any progress on this?


Next, a quick google search for Captain Cardinal brought up these pictures, which... surprise... were on Shawn's build thread. 


On 8/31/2020 at 12:11 AM, pixelArtsProps said:

Ill add these 

Cardinal 1.jpg

Cardinal 2.jpg

So my question is this: if Hal has been rocking a Cardinal suit since at least August 2020, has anyone reached out to him about potentially modeling for the CRL, or are there discrepancies I'm overlooking in these two pics? If Hal's build isn't a candidate... do we have any volunteers for the CRL? @CrookKnight??? Maybe???:lol: You seem to be the furthest along.


Finally, having read what's been put up on the public threads, can we just do a cut and paste of the TFA CRL and add the cape? It sounds like that's what the LMOs were asking for.

Please keep in mind that I'm an absolute FOTK noob. If this were a red ROTK, I'd be all in, but right now, I'm kind of following everyone else's lead before I start spraying red stuff all over a brand new set of armor.


Anyways, I was just curious to see if there was any progress on this before I start butchering up my own kit and wanted to know if the CRL has been started yet?


Thanks as always


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