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  1. The Phasma book jacket has it on the right as well. I always took that as just an effect for juxtaposition as they were "enemies" and therefore "opposites." However using the logic that it is "a uniform" and should be "uniform" I feel like it should be on the left. Just like all pauldrons are worn on the same arm. Drastically different armor, but they are both captains.
  2. Like many others, I didn't get a chance to pre-order the figure. I even tried waking up in the middle of the night just before the "release" time with the tiny glimmer of hope that I could snag one and not have to run out, still to no avail. I got up and went to Target before it opened and found there were two people there in front of me. I made nice small talk with both of them just in hopes they wouldn't just horde whatever figures were available. The first guy bolted when the doors opened and managed to scour every toy isle before I got there. He was angry because he said he saw them on Friday, but the register wouldn't allow them to be rung up. What really got him going was there was not a single Target exclusive out on the shelves. He ran off to find a manager who went to the back and after about 10 min she returned with a small cart of all the Target exclusives they had. She asked what you guys are looking for and the first guy pointed at the black series figures and she said grab whatever you want. I looked and saw there were only three Capt. Cardinals. The first guy grabbed all three and my heart just sunk. He immediately turned around and handed one to the second guy and then to me. Faith in humanity restored. What a roller coaster of a morning. Link to photos in Shawn's Build thread...
  3. I don't want to hijack Shawn's awesome build thread with my escapade today so I'll post a link to it instead... Here are the photos I took after I managed to distract my kids so I can take them. If anyone needs anything clearer, closer up, etc. etc. Just shoot me a message. Enjoy and hope these help get the CRL done!
  4. I've only found these references, thus far, that are more specific than "red armor."
  5. Here's the jacket from the book... https://twitter.com/DelReyStarWars/status/900823044331110400?s=09
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