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Rogue One TK Glove comparison IB vs EF

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Well this is not something I would have thought that I would need to consider; however, recent experience has caused me to investigate this issue, here is what I have learned.


When I started my ROTK build, the only supplier of ROTK gloves that I knew of was Imperial Boots (IB). IB calls these gloves Anthology Trooper Gloves (ATG) and they sell them for $69.90 plus shipping from the Philippines. I just checked their web site and they have reduced the price to $59.90 plus shipping.



So I purchased a set of the ATGs along with the T-7 boots for my ROTK build. When I received the gloves I tried them on to test the fit and the wrist immediately separated from the gloves in several areas. Additionally, the side seam separated as well. I assumed that I may have received a bad pair that were not stitched properly and decided to not contact IB about the issue since I had a sewing machine and I did not want to wait for the extended shipping from the Philippines.


I re-stitched the gloves and did not give it another thought. I put the gloves on several times since then for application pictures and test fitting of the armor as I built it. My first troop in my ROTK was at DragonCon 2018. This was 4 months after I purchased the gloves. During the 3 hours I wore my kit, I observed that the gloves seams along the thumb had separated. I detailed all of this in my ROTK build here on FISD.



In this picture you can see the re-stitched wrist (Yellow Circle), the freying of the elastic wrist from contact with Velcro (Red Cricle) I assume, and the separated seam on the thumb.




So after DragonCon I first did a search to see if the gloves that they used for the screen version was a modified off-the-shelf glove. I was unable to discover any existing gloves that match what was used for the movie; however, I did find another manufacturer who sells a ROTK glove.


The company is Endor Finders (EF) and they are located in the USA. EF sells a Rogue One Trooper Glove for $55.00 plus shipping. So I ordered a set and received them.



Shortly after I ordered the glove from EF, I contacted IB about the issues I have had with the ATG gloves. After a few back and forth e-mails, IB sent me a new pair of the ATG gloves. I won’t say it was a painless experience but they did replace the gloves so there is that. I have held off doing this comparison until I received the replacement ATG gloves and now that I have them, it is now time to do this.


At first look both gloves look almost identical. Honestly, I expected the gloves from EF to be the exact same as what IB sells. Once I got the EF gloves I quickly noticed the differences.






As you can see the cuff on the EF gloves is longer although both gloves are the same size. The EF gloves fit a bit tighter but that is because they are lined on the inside while the IB gloves are not lined.


Here is the palm and back of the IB glove.






And this is the EF palm and back.






A side by side of EF (left) and IB (right)




Inside lining of the EF (Left) and no liner on the IB glove (Right).




Inside the EF glove.




Inside the IB glove.




Wrist of the EF glove.




Wrist of the IB glove.




The EF glove with armor.




The IB glove with armor.




My observations:

1.       The ribbed fabric used by each manufacturer is different. So I looked at some reference pictures from SW celebration.

In this picture the glove fabric looks like the grid fabric used by EF.




However, in these pictures, the fabric looks more like the ribbed fabric used by IB.






So I am at a loss to determine which is correct. I suppose that both could be correct.


2.       The wrist on the EF glove is fabric and not elastic. The fabric on the IB glove is elastic.


3.       The EF glove is lined and fits like an Isotoner while the IB gloves are unlined and fit like Mechanix gloves.



4.       The stitching quality appears to be better in the RF gloves while even the new IB gloves are poorly stitched.


5.       The Velcor patches on the back of the EF gloves are opposite (One soft and one hard) while the Velcro patches on the back of the IB gloves are both soft.



6.       The leather on both gloves looks to of similar type and quality and screen accurate.



The EF glove seems to be a better product and is sold for a few dollars less than the IB glove. I have not trooped the EF glove as of yet, so my opinion may change once I get more experience with them but I doubt it. I hope that some of you find this information helpful. Happy trooping.

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That's really good info. Thanks for sharing. My first reaction was that the ribbed material was the correct fabric, but you have pictures showing both, so who knows.

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I think it is the same material in both pictures. My hunch is the noise reduction (looks like phone pictures) is knocking down the details.

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