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  1. Big Deal

    11B30B4’s ROTK Build

    11b30b4 - did you trim your butt and cod armor at all? I'm thinking I'm going to have to do something, but I'm not sure where to start. Maybe narrowing the cod and just reducing the butt a bit.
  2. Big Deal

    A Great White R1TK Build (Jimmi)

    Might all be from the same mannequin. I'll try some test fittings.
  3. Big Deal

    A Great White R1TK Build (Jimmi)

    I'm ready to attach the thigh ammo pack and the shin's sniper knee plate. It's hard to tell exactly how they are supposed to align. I found this image but it seems a little haphazzard. I was looking at the ammo pack being more aligned with the edged of the thigh armor and the sniper plate lining up to look more like an extension of the shin's trim.
  4. Big Deal

    3d Printed Strength for R1 E-11

    Ok - Next question. I've looked at what's available already printed, ie Doopydoos and some stuff on Etsy. My main issue is that the doopydoos comes with the t tracks attached already as do others offered on Etsy. Since I want to do a Rogue One variant, I really need the t-tracks something I can add after and modify. So - can anyone recommend a good set of files that they have either used or have seen get used that turned out okay. I'd love to have the option to add electronics but right now just getting recommended files would be awesome. I went through the 3-d files threads but it sort of goes all over the place. I have found the Rogue One accurate scope and I can find the counter, but I need a good base blaster file. I hope to add the completion kit as appropriate as well.
  5. Big Deal

    Rogue One Stormtrooper CRL

    I think the wording was meant to reflect that the Rogue One traps and tears aren't just painted on or stickers. They are built out from the armor and the vents are cut into them. You can paint them to match, black for the vents and grey, but they should look like they are their own piece, added to the armor.
  6. Big Deal

    3d Printed Strength for R1 E-11

    Perfect. Thanks.
  7. I'm still going through options as I try to decide if I can get to Centurion. Does anyone have any thoughts on the viability of a printed version of an E-11 being sturdy enough to hold a picatinny rail and flashlight? I attached a rail and light to a Hasbro and it seems to be fine, but i'm not sure about 3-D printed versions. I had looked into getting an Airsoft version, but shipping and regulations won't permit that as far as I can see right now. I'm also interested in adding lights and sound, and I'm not sure how easily an Airsoft would accept those.
  8. Big Deal

    Wich boots and where ?

    Mine actually seemed a bit on the larger size.
  9. Big Deal

    A Great White R1TK Build (Jimmi)

    It looks quite thick too. Almost as wide as the box.
  10. Big Deal

    A Great White R1TK Build (Jimmi)

    Couple of questions. I'm slowly getting everything together. I'll probably be touching up painting details for a long time, but anyways. Right now the back half of the belt edges are right up against the final "ammo pouches" on the front of the belt. Can I shorten the back half of the belt? If I do should it meet right about where my hip bones are? I'm thinking the middle , but I wasn't sure.
  11. Big Deal

    A Great White R1TK Build (Jimmi)

    That's pretty much the direction I was going, I was just worried that they attached to the belt a certain way and I was missing the info. Thanks!
  12. Big Deal

    A Great White R1TK Build (Jimmi)

    Yeah it's not very clear, and a pretty small detail.
  13. Big Deal

    A Great White R1TK Build (Jimmi)

    I'm more worried about where they attach to the belt. I wasn't sure if the strap should go from the drop box up to the front of the belt and maybe be covered by one of the ammo pouches, or if it is just attached to the back of the belt. For now I'm just going to attach them to the back side of the belt and if I have to move them or adjust the height, it's not a big deal.
  14. Big Deal

    A Great White R1TK Build (Jimmi)

    I’m a little confused as to how the drop boxes should be attached and where. The control mentions black Velcro and that they’re aligned to the tabs. But should they attach to the back of the belt or the front under the above ammo pouch?
  15. Thanks I messaged them. I had actually messaged them a while ago, when they had done some New Order blasters. At the time they weren't planning on any original Triology e-11s.