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  1. I’m guessing this will make for a more difficult mould build, but after working with jimmiroquis I always wished that the traps and tears and the ear bumps were separate. I think it would look more realistic especially for painting. Bottom trim too.
  2. It would be awesome if you could use that internal grid for something. Maybe line it with a diffuser and some LED's. It would look pretty cool...
  3. For sure. I’d love to see how the rubber matches up with fibreglass. Mine are really just sitting there, velcroed to the chest and back with straps under them. I think the rubber will work.
  4. And I have a nice scope for my blaster build!
  5. I have made some progress. Almost everything is painted although I may want to do some touchups in the spring. I am reworking my strapping as I had started out with a harness but have slowly switched everything over to being attached to the ab surround and suspended from the chest & back plates. I need to adjust the strapping that joins the butt and cod and then I think I'll be ready to test fit again. I just haven't had the free time lately.
  6. Seems legit. I'll drop off a paper bag of bitcoin in my Deadpool costume. Try not to mistake me for Mr. Reynolds.
  7. Which scene of the movie is this from? TFA or TLJ? Was it part of the flashback scene when Luke attacked Ben in his bedroom?
  8. Okay thanks. Is there a standard dimension for the metal used? 1/2"?
  9. I ordered it late September/early October thinking I would get it for Halloween. I think they claim 72 hour shipping. Anyways it was closer to two months. I’m starting to think these aren’t the most truthful people to deal with.
  10. Okay, so you guys tell me if I'm just being nitpicky... What I ordered... What I received... I'm guessing that I misunderstood "durable PU Leather,top notch quality fabric has been used with outstanding craftsmanship,highly durable, comfortable and easy to wear." I thought PU leather would mean Leather like or leather look. I guess PU stands for pee-yew. I also misunderstood, "Including: A jumpsuit+ Gloves+ Belt + Helmet + shoes" Maybe I got the deluxe version where they were able to combine all of those elements into one item? I'm also sensing that sarcasm doesn't come across on message boards very well.
  11. I’ll post one tomorrow. Maybe I’m just nitpicking. I’ll let you guys decide.
  12. Pretty much. It's sort of like those onsies people wear to hockey games. The feet and gloves are all part of it. I didn't get any kind of mask or helmet. I'm not going to contact them about a return, shipping would be on me and probably cost me most of the $46.00 that they probably won't refund anyways. Maybe I just got a dud. I mean the reviews are all good. Surely they can't fake those.
  13. Here's where I bought from... Linky It was $46.00, which seems too good to be true, but they did have pictures and look at those reviews!
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