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  1. Sorry to excavate an old thread. First of all thank you for this detailed comparison. Now I'd like to know if there have been further changes to the gloves from both suppliers and additional experinces? I currently have to decide which supplier to chose. And I tend to the IBs (reasoning see bleow) I like to add some aspects to the possible pros and cons of both products. 1. Lining I think the material of the lining of the EF might be disadvantegous as it seems to be faux fur (?) as used in winter boots and I can imagine this might add to temperature and may be a problem after swe
  2. I doubt there is any empire-era stormtrooper still within the condition to serve as a grunt. ...as higher ranking personnel maybe but not in the field. There seem to be different designations and it is probably no troop type designation even if some people at one point thought that would be a brilliant idea. In a logical fiction it would be something like the unit or their home system they were collected. As they were drawn into service from several systems it might be that they had traditional regiments like the british units (i.e. in WWI). So either made up from one planet or one
  3. Now that's the interesting argument here!
  4. My guess is that each star destroyer is equipped to dispatch its troops in any standard environment. To assume that the pursuing task force was in the picture when and where they had to use their assault troops is quite questionable. Same with the assault on Hoth - they couldn't know what to expect when launching the probes but where able to immediately depart for the Hoth system following Lord Vader's instinct and to launch a full scale attack with properly equipped stormtroopers. I think it's obvious that at least the star destroyers as the major vessels operating independently do have
  5. See also discussion on MEPD http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=...t=0&start=0
  6. Just got hinted at your video and got blown away by this perfectly done blaster and presentation. I guess it's not surprising I looted all information available on the modifications and resources . This is something quite a lot of people have dreamed for and you have shown it's possible. Thanks for this inspiring work and for sharing it!
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