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Racing shirt update, 6-14-16


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Hi, Troopers...  Just wanted to keep everyone "in the loop" as it were on the racing shirt status..  I "shared" both Google spreadsheets with the manufacturer, but unfortunately one did not make it, so I had to re-send it yesterday.  She has it now, and I am awaiting the invoice so I can send the money, which should be in the next 24 hours.

Those of you who sent last minute changes have been accommodated, so we are ready to rock and roll.

I gotta say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have been kind enough to bear with me on this endeavor.  This order was a bit larger than the ones in the past, (almost double, 330 to be exact), and your patience in most appreciated, (more than you will know).

I will continue to keep you informed as things progress, and I apologize for any delays.

Please note that all non U.S. orders will be sent directly from the manufacturer, and will more than likely arrive before those here in the states, however, I am all set up for when they arrive.  All packages for the U.S. are addressed and have tracking numbers already.  BUT... unfortunately, I cannot provide the tracking numbers to you on an individual basis.  The reason is that there are almost 200, and to be honest, I simply don't have the time time to list that many 26 digit numbers along with names and addresses.  All U.S. packages will be sent via Priority Mail, which takes 2 to 3 days max.  Once I send them, if you haven't received your shirt(s) within that time frame, then you should contact me, and I can go from there.  Many thanks,  Joseph




UPDATE # 1.-  6-15-16 @ 10:52 a.m.-  Invoice received from manufacturer and money remitted.  Now we wait!  (I have asked them to keep me updated on progress, and will pass that information along as I receive it)


UPDATE # 2- 6-16-16 @ 4:56 a.m.-  Received an email from mfr. stating that the shirts will be shipping out around the first of July.


UPDATE # 3-  6-28-16 @ 6:13 a.m.-  Received confirmation that the shirts will be shipping out by Friday!  She will be sending the tracking numbers for the BULK U.S. order, (the ones being shipped to me) which I will post here so we can follow the progress. I will only post the international tracking numbers if needed.  Like I mentioned, the U.S. orders will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving them.  


UPDATE # 4-  7-01-16 @ 4:58 a.m.-  All packages HAVE BEEN SHIPPED from the manufacturer!  Tracking numbers are available as needed for international orders, but please wait at least a week from today's date before contacting me (via PM,) if you have not received them, as most are scheduled be delivered on or about July 4th.   The U.S. orders are scheduled to arrive here to me on July 5th, and will be mailed out on the 6th.


UPDATE # 5-  7-02-16 @5:56 a.m.-  The shirts for U.S. Troopers have arrived in Ohio via DHL, and I will be paying the import taxes tomorrow or Monday.  Thanks to Richard (VulpX) from the Netherlands Garrison for letting me know that those outside the U.S. have been receiving texts with the tracking info. and the link to a site to pay import taxes.


FINAL UPDATE!!!  7-5-16 @ 6:51 p.m.-  Okay all you Troopers in the U.S., the shirts arrived today, and I have them packed and ready to ship out tomorrow!  Priority Mail usually takes 3 days or less, so everyone should have theirs by Saturday at the latest... BUT, we all know things happen, so if you haven't received it by then, please wait until after your mail delivery on Monday  before sending me a PM.  Hope everyone enjoys their shirts!!!


FINAL FINAL UPDATE!-  7-6-16-  12:15 p.m.-  Shirts are now in the capable hands of the USPS.  I made lots of new friends standing behind me in line at the Post Office with 200+ Priority Mail packages to process... Don't you think there should be a special font for sarcasm? LOL

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Hey thanks again for everything! As long as the spelling matched what was on PayPal we will be good. Which is listed below. It was off in my post before trying to rush to resolve situation. <br><br>

George Becker<br>



Excited, thanks!

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Someone get that man a congratulatory beer!

If Joseph somehow manages to make his way to Celebration Orlando, I've got him covered for one.  ;)

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"Somehow manages.."? LOL  You can bet your butt-plate that I am going to be there, Tim!  I am planning on printing out all the "I owe you a beer" PM's and cashing them in, (although they will probably be used for bottled water).

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"Somehow manages.."? LOL  You can bet your butt-plate that I am going to be there, Tim!  I am planning on printing out all the "I owe you a beer" PM's and cashing them in, (although they will probably be used for bottled water).

You caught that, huh?  LoL

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I'm looking forward to finally seeing and wearing one of these shirts.... finally getting my hands on this shirt,.... many thanks to you Joseph and DL Tim.
If you ever make it to Adelaide (South Aust) I will gladly put on a carton of Heineken just for you two.

Hopefully Pathfinders (BS.N) will be doing a run on their shirts soon too...

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