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  1. Dave, nice to see you back to it.. Good luck on submissions brother
  2. Roger that brother.. Diigiit Robotics Canada out of Montreal Sent from a galaxy far, far away.
  3. Starting to source parts for a build in Canada, researching for local suppliers for the parts(processor and audio board) rest is easy..
  4. I have also done the same in 90% of my strapping as well.
  5. Awesome, cant wait to see this. This would be a future build for sure.
  6. I also had a hard time getting the padding right, The military grade padding was a god send in getting it to where the bucket fits perfect. took a few hours of moving padding around inside..
  7. Contact TK Zombie, she has both AP parts and TM
  8. RT-Mod is by far the biggest, i have a TK/TD by AP and its very tight, also have a TX by WTF and its very roomy in compared to the AP..
  9. this is what i use, works perfect every time.. Ive now done 5 suits with this my own and 4 local members.. Great for making snap plates and goes through abs and 1/4 inch aluminum and steal with ease.. --------
  10. Life is better on the dirty side lol.. During my build before the conversion i did find blue marks on the armor in random places too. but a quick polish took them right off.. I don't wear a traditional body suit either im wearing UA Cool Gear compression, so that eliminates the body suit cause...
  11. I have a thought, when the armor was strapped the bells were kept close to the bridges for centurion. but if we were to modify the length of the biceps / shoulder strapping(minimize overlap) it may alleviate the pull on the bridges.. I have also seen some attach the bottom of the bridges to the chest/back strap to solve this issue..
  12. Shawn, Take a look at this build thread, Danny explains the process for kidney, ab plates.. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30595-ap-armour-with-anh-centurion-as-goal-build-thread/page-4 Chris
  13. Absolutely, do a lot of research by looking at other build threads, you will find they are a massive help. Another thing to remember is there is no such thing as a stupid question, so as away members of the FISD & other detachments are awesome and will get you the answer you require A tip.. is to build the armor to the centurion standard, will make the detachment progression a lot easier.
  14. Paul, I just built a AP kit for a fellow female trooper and the fit is quite good, AP is the way to go at 5'4" for sure. Mark does make a nice armor..
  15. I also had these on my armor before converting to Sandy, but now that im dirty it doesn't matter.. Anyone figure out what is the cause, ive seen a few locals have the same light blue marks all over their AP armor.. Novus plastic polish takes them right off though..
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