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  1. I've used those snaps (The one from Zack White)! They're just as good as Tandy. I highly recommend them.
  2. Got mine in. Looks great and fits perfectly!
  3. They're shipping from China Friday. GET HYPED!!!
  4. Nylon and elastic will be used all over the build. Amazon is your friend. You can also check out this guy's site http://www.zackwhite.com/Webbing_c_506.html. He also has snaps that are just as good as Tandy Leather's at a fraction of the cost (100 pack for $13). Or you can browse Tandy Leather's website.
  5. You can try to hide the gaps with some ABS slurry (made with ABS trimmings and 100% acetone. Put trimmings into a jar and just barely cover with the acetone and let sit so the ABS melts into a paste) and fill it in with that. If you do this, there will be sanding involved to get smooth, then you'll have to buff out the scratches and use the Novus polish to get shiny again. Personally, I left my helmet alone with this seam, and it didn't hinder me getting approved. As far as the excess glue, use either a dentist hook or exacto knife to try and get all the excess stuff out. Be VERY careful in doing this, you don't wish to have any nics or scratches all along the bucket. Hope this helps!
  6. Chris - That's what I was afraid of. Either that or battery overheating for some nonsensical reason. A speed control device is a great idea though. I've already been scouring eBay for computer fan controllers (why didn't I think of it before?). Kev - That gizmo looks great! If the computer fan controller idea doesn't work, I could try that. Mark - Good to know. I don't want to give up on my rechargeable battery yet, so no 9v's.
  7. Hello everyone. Before I get to the question, or possible few questions, I'll put out there what I have currently in my bucket. I have 2 5v fans that are hooked up to a 5v USB battery (the Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Portable Charger), no off switch (plug in to turn on and unplug to turn off). It does well at troops, lasts for a long time (I think 10 hours or so). I am going to add toggle switches later on, but it serves me now. And it moves a lot of air in the helmet! The problem I'm now battling is I just got ukswrath's Hovi Mic Tips plus amp in my helmet, and the microphone is placed in front of my mouth. With the amp and fans on, you can hear the fans on through the microphone. Bummer. I also have his Hearing Assist System, but I don't think there will be a problem with it. Now, for the theoretical question(s): Would it be possible to get 12v fans and hook them up to the USB battery and not suffer any consequences? My thinking is that using 12v fans with a 5v battery will produce enough air to keep my lenses clear and not make as much noise. However, I'm worried about battery overheating. Or another anonymous problem that may come up. I just don't want to be trooping and have the battery explode in my helmet and have a medical emergency. OR is there a way to put in a 3 way switch that can be configured like this "Full Power -- Off -- Half Power"? Would a resistor or something need to be used for this type of configuration? How could this be done? Think of a switch that has 3 steps on it, center position is off, left position is half power, and right position is full power. Any advice would be helpful!
  8. As my GF has said, multiple times, "Don't try to sew or solder electronics while drinking beer." She's had to redo some things because of that, hahaha. She does Jawa commissions.
  9. Just read through your thread. Looking good, comrade!
  10. Thank you, everyone! (Right on, Comrade Dave!) Just an update, I did have another one of the mounts pop off mid troop, but when I got home, I just put a dab of CA glue to fix it. It ain't going anywhere now! Still one of my best ideas to date, and I'm glad I could provide my fellow troopers with another idea.
  11. I've bought these for my build: ---------- I think they're just as good as Tandy, but a hell of a lot cheaper. If you get these, know they want a $15 minimum per order, so get you a few paint brushes for either slurry or paint
  12. Hey man! I don't have any reference pics, but what I did for my hand guards was I took a ruler, and about every half-inch or so, marked a dot from the bottom. The amount I marked was about an inch, or around 25mm. This way I had something I could "connect the dots" with and trimmed. I'd suggest taking off a quarter inch at a time. I think the guards are supposed to be as big as the top of your hand. That's where mine are. Here's a pic after trimming:
  13. Meaning you used plastic instead of canvas? Could we get a pic?
  14. Ah, ok. I hope you'll keep us updated!
  15. Thanks, Dave! How's your build coming along?
  16. Hey, Mark! Thanks for the kind words. I actually have just been approved with everything as is! Not gonna sweat it now, hahaha. Yeah, you should see the shims on my thigh pieces. Freaking huge!
  17. Requesting 501st access and status! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20049
  18. I went to sleep last night a recruit and I woke up today a trooper! I've been keeping an eye on my phone for an email from the 501st, and it was the only notification on my phone this morning. Something really good to wake up to! TK-77459 reporting for duty!
  19. Well, I got everything done. I took pics and am now awaiting to hear back from the GML and Legion. Here's a link to my submitted pics. http://imgur.com/a/XBNBI And now I play the waiting game.
  20. How I did mine was I glued the cap to the back by lining up the traps in the back, then eyeing it to getting it as close to "centered" as possible. Then I took the face, did a few dry runs on positioning to see where it would lie best, slathered some glue onto the ridge on the top of the face, and secured it with magnets to where it sat best. When it was all cured, I then put the bolts in to give it more rigidity. The ears went on like butter after that.
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