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Pencap510's TFA Build Thread


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After what feels like an ETERNITY of waiting - I'm happy to bring you ANOTHER TFA build thread. It's not at all sad to know I worked from home today just so I could greet the FEDEX driver with a huge SMILE!<br><br>   :D

That said- I must unbox- and begin trimming!<br><br>



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So upon first inspection, WOW!! This is some thick, high quality ABS! I'm very impressed and I've only pulled the first two pieces out.... I can see sore hands in my near future :) after inventory is checked- I'll post up trimming progress

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I'll take you up for SURE Ken - might put you to work a little after the troop on Saturday  :)

So I tried using a dremmel to make some of the larger cuts, but 1) i was extremely nervous about doing so and 2) my little harbor freight dremmel was really struggling to make progress through this thick plastic. My weapons of choice are my Lexan scissors, a small utility knife (score and snap) and a dremmel for some light clean up. I will go back and do a better clean up later - but here is my progress so far:







more to come

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A good rule to everyone building TFAs is to NOT round off the top and bottom joining edge corners as they will need to appear seemless in some areas of the armor.

For example- do mine (shins pictures above) do they seem to rounded ?

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The last picture, calf lower edge, see how it's rounded? This is where I'm suggesting those be cut straight.


With that said, in this area it won't matter being the spats cover the lower shins.


EDIT: From what I can see the tops look good. :duim:  

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Latest update.. picked up a pair of tin snips at ACE hardware today, because the little pair of lexan scissors were killing my hands. So after marking my pencil lines and lightly scoring the marks - i use the scissors to cut vertically to the scoreline.. the the pieces just break off pretty simply. Not a TON of progress but every piece rough trimmed is one less in the "to be trimmed" box - and one more in the "getting closer to assembly pile" 

Again - these are rough sanded..


Back Plate:

IkWxJBrm.jpg    CreYkQ7m.jpg


Kidney (After test fit - i also realized that I will be needing to cut the seam down the back to fit. Seems to be the norm)



Shoulder Yoke

qEkW4w2m.jpg  Eunk4Mxm.jpg


Chest Plate: 

m730mjQm.jpg    lIjUdV6m.jpg


Ab Plate:

Mg8bOsDm.jpg   O5IDRPpm.jpg


Right thigh:

5ljhrMom.jpg  wBq4AQdm.jpg


Thats it for now  :salute:

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Quick question- y r people splittin the kidneyplate?<br>

Is it for making it easier to suit up or is there fracture points?<br>

Thanx in advance.

Good question- there is a seam build into the piece that is completely covered by the TD when being worn. For me (5'-11" , 180lbs- 34" waist) the kidney and ab plate just make it around me but would be uncomfortable to troop in- if I split it- create a gap that seals with Velcro it will make suiting up and trooping much more comfortable- or even possible for some depending on size: here's the seam -- I haven't split it yet



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Thanku for the answer. Always wondered the true reason.<br>

Im of same height, weight and waist line so ill do this myself once my kit arrives.<br>

Ive seen a trooper use elastic and poppers so may do this as velcro will still restrict movement.

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So while out of town for the week with work- my wife writes me and says she has a surprise for when I get home. - nothing gets you more motivated to get home and continue trimming than this picture --




And yall- thought I was taking this thread another direction!! Lol



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Wow. Very nice wife!

Best out of context post of the day.


Congrats on the bucket PC.





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So while this next post won't include a bunch of detailed pictures of trim marks, and where cuts were made, it will serve as documentation for one heck of a long day. About 9:30 am this morning work began in my outside workshop and didn't wind down till about 8:30 pm this evening. Joined by legion mate "torment" - we tackled the impossible ---In 1 DAY! We completed trimming and sanding on both of our kits.. From the minimal work done on mine- to him not evening having started his, we accomplished a lot.


Here are some pics from today. I'll post the final armor pics soon- but right now I can't look at it anymore:




Oh yes- dremmel, cutting wheel, belt sander, and mouse sander. NEEDED TOOLS for this build.. I don't think I touched my scissors or snips today.









Then after some typical Florida rain- we moved the party inside the garage, and finished up. Exhausted and victorious- we called it a day.




I'll post up some finished armor pics tomorrow- till then, signing off :)

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