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  1. Megan doesn't have that issue and we are in FL. Not sure exactly what is causing that for you guys.....
  2. Im with Mike here. In all honesty...... why would any one individual care if a Legacy TK is "out" of her bucket at a Convention (Despite it being a troop or not)? If your local, "Man or woman in charge" green lights it, then don't worry about what doesn't involve you. Do not misunderstand my post. I am stating my opinion here. I am not making any personal attacks. EVERYONE has the right to their own opinion. Cheers guys and gals. Relax and have a beer.
  3. Hum, I don't get it. I still cannot open the page.
  4. Looks great guys! I'd recommend painting the inside of the helmet black if you haven't done so. You can just paint brush it in to make it easy.
  5. I was just curious if there is something going on with our main site? I've tried to go to the site multiple times from different laptops and wifi connections and it will not load. Just curious if theres an issue currently. Thanks.
  6. It was nice to meet you! And I have so much fun trooping with ya. Cheers mate.
  7. I have a DD resin blaster. No issues here. First "accident" broke off my front sights, but its really not a big deal. Easy fix. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I personally don't let fans hold my blaster.
  8. Looks awesome! More ladies in TK's!
  9. Awesome! Keep it up, your going to have a really nice Legacy TK here soon! You will not regret painting the inside of your helmet, this I promise.
  10. OMG this guide is just .... A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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