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  1. Looking like a well organized and FANTASTIC start! Popcorn ready- can't wait to watch your progress
  2. The prop Disney displays - I guess I assumed theirs was spot on as most of the launch bay displayed models/movie used props seems spot on, and though I can't notice any differences I'm sure there are some
  3. Thanks for the reply, makes perfect sense. I took SEVERAL pictures from all around the blaster. Curious how accurate it really is now having seen your cad renders.
  4. Same - I'm in with the same reservations as everyone else. Everything looks amazing!! A quick question and it might sound completely off the wall but it's in regard to the d ring holder placement In the two blasters I have assembled- the d ring came installed vertically which I assumed was wrong. The blaster "screen used" (and I use that lightly ) that they have on display at Disney Launch Bay has it installed horizontally. Just like the blasters their terrible looking troopers carry (their blasters actually look pretty darn good) Why is yours positioned diagonally?
  5. Shoot- I've got 2 F-11's and I still am gonna get on board with one of these. Am I nuts? Nope. Just obsessive
  6. Certainly interested! Keep us posted , let us know how and when to sign up - and get your eye better first and foremost!!
  7. So time has not been on my side getting this under way, but I spent some good time today filling some small holes, and bondo filing some other areas.. Even got a rough layer of primer down.. But I'll need to do a little sanding before I begin the painting process. Here are some pics of the progress:
  8. Congrats mike! I can't wait to troop along side you as a TK- build looks great!!!
  9. Hooray! The day has come that my Phoenix props blaster has arrived. I've only had enough time to capture a few pictures - but will begin the light clean up tomorrow so I can begin assembly. From what I see, it should be rather straight forward- A few pieces need a little more "filler" than others, but all in all really good looking pulls. Here are the pieces: Scope: Barrel: Rest of barrel: Cap: Handle: Counter: Grip: Folding stock: Sight: this came broken, I'm hoping should be an easy fix Mag: this part had the most noticeable gap, in resin- being the piece butts up against the barrel, I'm thinking should be ok with some putty I should be getting started tomorrow!
  10. Coming along nicely! Everything looks as though it's fitting good- might have to heat benson that butt plate to wrap you a little better, but don't make any adjustments like that until fully strapped. Things tend to shift a little
  11. Looking amazing- mind should be coming soon (I'm part of the 2nd 5 being shipped). Question- what spray paint would you recommend trying as I don't have an air brush. I used krylon fusion on my armor and it worked really well
  12. Great build Dave! Fits you like a glove, and it's clear you build with Centurion in mind with the details (black pained flatheads screws on TD, d ring added to hyperfirm blaster, rivets used etc). Only 2 small suggestions that shouldn't affect your EIB application, but are purely cosmetic. Seems you used a TON of E6000 on your forearms, and a few other spots. That van be easily cleaned up by rubbing it off to remove the excess. The other is your shoulder bridges. You left a fair amount of room around the "tracks". You can trim that off to be as close as you can . Great job!
  13. Glad to hear your ready for the task- and great luck on your build. There are amazing amounts of talent on these boards who will lend all the help once can ask for. Take your time, have patience, don't be afraid to make a mistake and most importantly have fun!
  14. I helped my cousin trim his kit yesterday as he starts his TK journey- I found the supplied Velcro and elastic to be very "springy" and "light"- certain areas like biceps to forearms will be fine for elastic connections - but kidney to butt, back to kidney- etc I prefer nylon webbing and snaps. (Keeps things from bouncing around) Also- be mindful if Velcro- you might have things slip out of position and be a Velcro noisy trooper
  15. I felt like regardless of what I'm "technically" called as member designation, during troops I was planning on being FN. The people we troop for only know the movies - and truth be told not as many as you think know what the heck a "TK" is.. FN is mentioned countless times in the new movie. I agree for our destination, it's a stormtrooper... TK. For troops, I'll report in as FN ... Unless of course I'm wearing my ANH
  16. Alway got to be a hater. They simply couldn't re-release episode 4. There will be changes, characters will evolve and new ones introduced. Hamil, Ford and Fisher won't live forever and the bottom line is Lucas didn't want it anymore. Not liking the movie is perfectly fine- I just wouldn't base it on the thoughts that A) it's different and Disney killed Han. May the force be with you
  17. Great topic, and fully agree. Had the EXACT conversation with another member of my Garrison yesterday. The one thing we discussed in addition is how would the accessories/weapons be approved? Once the base costume is approved, would you then need to submit each additional piece as you get them to ensure accuracy?
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