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  1. Great job! If you have enough time, I'll commission you to be my interior decorator! BTW, I see you are now in Mt. Pleasant. What brought you there? I use to live in Charleston. Hope you are getting some fishing done and frequenting some of the restaurants in Charleston.
  2. As hot as it can get with armor on, I can't imagine exacerbating your potential for dehydration with the diuretic effects of alcohol. Thanks for the message, Joseph. By the way, do you ever sleep or are you just an early bird?
  3. Holy cow Eric, that's impressive! I now feel inadequate. I have two ANH Hero Stormtroopers from TM, one on a mannequin and one I wear. I started lifting weights and could no longer get into the first set of armor after 6 months, hence I now recommend leaving the arms and legs with some room and add or subtract foam accordingly. I also have a Jack Sparrow costume. On Disney cruises, my wife does such a bang up job on my make-up, I get lots of request for pictures from other passengers thinking I'm the "official" Jack Sparrow. Currently working on a FO TK.
  4. Well done Thomas! Working on pics to submit my TM armor. Hope mine looks as good.
  5. Looks great Mark. Your armor is easy on the eyes even from the inside!
  6. Definitely recommend TM. He makes exquisite kits. Here's my Hero helmet.
  7. "I can't see a thing in this helmet!" - Luke Skywalker
  8. Kenneth, Yes, you can get EIB and Centurion without the bracket system. I used snaps and elastic to assemble my armor and adjustable velcro in the arms, patterned after JustJoseph63 and Pandatrooper. Give me a PM and maybe we can get together.
  9. Oh boy! Time for a third set of TM armor?
  10. That's good to know Aaron. I was warned from Troopermaster himself as well as others with the thicker armor not to use the bracket system given the thicker armor was not as flexible. I would have loved to use that system. By the way, congratulations on the Cavs bringing home the NBA championship!
  11. Hi Kenneth, If my math is correct, I believe that works out to 2 mm which is fine. I have two sets of Troopermaster ANH stormtrooper armor in the 2 mm acrylic ABS and I love them. I believe most people have armor in the 1.5 mm thickness which is more flexible. I personally enjoy the thicker armor and so far they have been very durable. The only thing particular to the thicker armor is that you should not use the classic bracket and elastic loops system to assemble the chest, abdominal, kidney and butt plates together as that may crack the armor. By the way, I'm just up the road from you in Mooresville. Good luck with the build. Would love to see you post a build thread. Shadowtroopers look awesome!
  12. At least they got the gap between the back and kidney plate right.
  13. Great Scott! Germain's right! I've never seen a picture that better captures the quintessence of a Hero stormtrooper! Of course it starts off with great armor. I feel very blessed to have 2 sets of these.
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