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  1. Hello I am doing a TK build and would like to order your garder set up please. my email is matthew.wilson1066@yahoo.com and phone is 814 614 5966. Thanks for your time

  2. Best idea yet!! 


    Arrived as described. Thank you.

  3. Absolutely! Have a wonderful time with your friends and family- and have a safe, great new year
  4. Looking like a well organized and FANTASTIC start! Popcorn ready- can't wait to watch your progress
  5. Congrats mike! I can't wait to troop along side you as a TK- build looks great!!!
  6. Coming along nicely! Everything looks as though it's fitting good- might have to heat benson that butt plate to wrap you a little better, but don't make any adjustments like that until fully strapped. Things tend to shift a little
  7. Great build Dave! Fits you like a glove, and it's clear you build with Centurion in mind with the details (black pained flatheads screws on TD, d ring added to hyperfirm blaster, rivets used etc). Only 2 small suggestions that shouldn't affect your EIB application, but are purely cosmetic. Seems you used a TON of E6000 on your forearms, and a few other spots. That van be easily cleaned up by rubbing it off to remove the excess. The other is your shoulder bridges. You left a fair amount of room around the "tracks". You can trim that off to be as close as you can . Great job!
  8. Glad to hear your ready for the task- and great luck on your build. There are amazing amounts of talent on these boards who will lend all the help once can ask for. Take your time, have patience, don't be afraid to make a mistake and most importantly have fun!
  9. I helped my cousin trim his kit yesterday as he starts his TK journey- I found the supplied Velcro and elastic to be very "springy" and "light"- certain areas like biceps to forearms will be fine for elastic connections - but kidney to butt, back to kidney- etc I prefer nylon webbing and snaps. (Keeps things from bouncing around) Also- be mindful if Velcro- you might have things slip out of position and be a Velcro noisy trooper
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