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  1. Hello I am doing a TK build and would like to order your garder set up please. my email is matthew.wilson1066@yahoo.com and phone is 814 614 5966. Thanks for your time

  2. Best idea yet!! 


    Arrived as described. Thank you.

  3. Looking like a well organized and FANTASTIC start! Popcorn ready- can't wait to watch your progress
  4. The prop Disney displays - I guess I assumed theirs was spot on as most of the launch bay displayed models/movie used props seems spot on, and though I can't notice any differences I'm sure there are some
  5. Thanks for the reply, makes perfect sense. I took SEVERAL pictures from all around the blaster. Curious how accurate it really is now having seen your cad renders.
  6. Same - I'm in with the same reservations as everyone else. Everything looks amazing!! A quick question and it might sound completely off the wall but it's in regard to the d ring holder placement In the two blasters I have assembled- the d ring came installed vertically which I assumed was wrong. The blaster "screen used" (and I use that lightly ) that they have on display at Disney Launch Bay has it installed horizontally. Just like the blasters their terrible looking troopers carry (their blasters actually look pretty darn good) Why is yours positioned diagonally?
  7. Shoot- I've got 2 F-11's and I still am gonna get on board with one of these. Am I nuts? Nope. Just obsessive
  8. Certainly interested! Keep us posted , let us know how and when to sign up - and get your eye better first and foremost!!
  9. So time has not been on my side getting this under way, but I spent some good time today filling some small holes, and bondo filing some other areas.. Even got a rough layer of primer down.. But I'll need to do a little sanding before I begin the painting process. Here are some pics of the progress:
  10. Congrats mike! I can't wait to troop along side you as a TK- build looks great!!!
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