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  1. Disney Christmas Parade 2015 Florida Garrison https://imgur.com/wwuXOJ9
  2. POST 52 Disney Christmas Parade 2015 Florida Garrison
  3. POST 51 Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios Florida Garrison 1.
  4. I was helping a new member build their OT Anovos TK and am in need of more cover strips or a sheet that matches color. Has anyone else had this same issue and if so, where did you get the replacement? I’ve seen that the Troopebay sheet doesn’t color match. Looking for some help.
  5. Welcome! I just answered your PM then found this post. If you'd like to bring your kit to my place in Clearwater I'd be happy to get you started as I too have an ATA kit with over 120 troops on it. I can pencil in all the trim lines for you for peace of mind. Also as an Attache its part of the job!
  6. Ok all you TKs out there! Time to assemble your teams and show everyone what you've got at this years Celebration Orlando "Troopathalon"!!! Signups are live on the main boards at https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=94583 Let's show the legion and the WORLD what it takes to be the best of the best!
  7. There will also be an announcement on the main 501st boards on or before Feb 1st about another event. Stay tuned
  8. I'll be sporting this armor at Celebration Orlando!!! Still a TK at heart though!
  9. Welcome Manny! I sent you a PM on our boards about this Friday so check it out.
  10. I assembled my bucket too small and it won't fit. I don't want to take it out of it's case. I got it as part of a package deal with an ICOMM from another trooper.
  11. Eek! I don't know brother...guessing it wouldn't be worth it.
  12. I use Meguiars PlastX which works great and can be purchased at any auto parts store.
  13. Is anyone looking for a wireless set up for their bucket? I have a used Memorex transmitter and receiver in need of a new home. I don't have a mic but those are easily available. Trans runs on a 9v and Rec on 2-AA's. Looking for $20 + shipping. ----------
  14. Hey Will, welcome to the Legion in White! We have an armor party scheduled on May 22nd in Clearwater if you're still working on your kit then.
  15. Have both of mine mounted in the chest with velcro.
  16. Where in Florida are you Rick?
  17. I continue to sing the praises of Ty's garder setup! Wish we could have gotten more done yesterday Mike but you're getting there, just keep at it. I'm here to help with whatever you need.
  18. I've trooped in my ATA almost 100 times now and I love it! What I didn't love was the 10+ month wait time though. I've seen some AM kits as well as lots of others but I favor mine.
  19. A few photos of us during the Disney Christmas parade.
  20. Hello David and welcome! As Joe said, make sure you sign up on our boards (if you haven't already). We're a busy squad and lots of newbies got their BBB deliveries and are beginning their builds.
  21. ​Looking good Jacob! Remember the group here is awesome for help and questions. And of course I can assist too!
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