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The various types of armor and where to find them UPDATED 2023

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8 hours ago, themaninthesuitcase said:

The RS and CFO helmets and suits are cast from production made originals. I am not privy to how exactly but I expect they used silicone moulding techniques. 

So why do everyone else sculpt from scratch?

Well screen used suits are very rare in private hands. Most of what is left is probably in the Lucas Film archives. It’s also incredibly expensive, the last helmet for sale was in the region of $120,000 from memory. The the final nail is these are all at best 40 years old and so will probably be quite fragile by now. So the chances of getting hold is something that some one would allow to be cast is effectively 0 at this point.

Actually the last ROTJ helmet was sold a few weeks back and fetched $225,000/£176,000. Which was nice,  As I have one. 😂 

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7 minutes ago, Awesomest_Dude said:

If it’s bad why does it have so many good reviews?

Could be many reasons, but what is known is Makerofthings is a recaster of others work and was removed from these forums.


We have a vetted sellers list (first page of this thread), proven and reliable suppliers of armor which could be 501st approved



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