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  1. Welcome! You have come to the right place. Looking forward to seeing your progress! Jim Moser TK50899
  2. Welcome the the wide world of White Armor! Jim Moser TK50899
  3. Welcome to the wide world of white armor Derek. I’m sorry about the circumstances that led you here but I am glad that you found us! WTF makes great armor and you won’t be disappointed. If you’d like to see my thread on how I built mine here is the link. http://bit.ly/jimsstormtrooperbuild If you have any questions don’t be afraid to reach out to any one of us! Jim Moser TK50899
  4. Welcome Shawn! Welcome to the wonderful world of white armor. Happy to have you! Jim Moser TK50899
  5. Welcome to the FISD! Don’t be afraid to reach out to any one of us for assistance. Once you decide who to go with take the time to read, read, and read some more in the build thread section. It will give you a lot of insight into where to get started once your kit arrives. Jim Moser TK50899
  6. Welcome Lars! I look forward to seeing your build! Take lots of pictures and ask lots of questions! We are here to help. [emoji6] Jim Moser TK50899
  7. 3 years ago I paid $650 USD + shipping. I haven’t bought any other kits but there are all kinds of kits in our Garrison and they range from the price I paid to a full commission kit from RS at around $2,000. ATA, Anovos, RT-MOD, etc. All said and done with boots, holster and blaster I am in it about $1,500. I sewed my own belt and neck seal and saved some $ there! You can see my build here: http://bit.ly/jimsstormtrooperbuild I go into detail of my process and cost a bit. Jim Moser TK-50899
  8. I have a regular WTF kit and it’s been solid for the past 3 years. I have also built 2 others while building two for charity. Walt and crew keep improving their molds and can say for a fact that they just keep getting better. That being said ALL of the makers on the vetted list make fantastic kits and it really boils down to how long you are willing to wait and how much you want to spend. Jim Moser TK-50899
  9. Spec Ops detachment is the best place for those answers. Walt does make a Shadow kit however. Jim Moser TK-50899
  10. Welcome to the FISD! Great progress on getting this far! Take your time and read through the various threads and do a lot of research. When you’ve done your research do a little more!! There is a lot to learn and the better you are prepared the easier it will be. Here’s a good place to get started: http://bit.ly/GettingStartedFISD Best of luck and feel free to reach out to any one of us if you start to feel overwhelmed. Jim Moser TK-50899
  11. Welcome to the world of white armor. I am looking forward to seeing your build progress. Take your time and measure and test fit a lot before cutting. When cutting cut a little less than you plan and test fit again. You can always take more off but putting it back on is almost impossible. Have fun!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. All H.I.P.S. is is High Impact PolyStyrene. It’ll work okay but at 2mm it won’t be as durable as ABS of even a slightly lighter grade. It’ll be super easy to trim though! Jim TK-50899
  13. I have a Walt’s kit and it has everything need to assemble a complete helmet minus whatever type of padding you are planning to go with. You will need to purchase whatever type of strapping material in order to complete the actual armor. (The nylon webbing, elastic, split rivets, brackets, etc.) The rest is common to all as far as belt, under suit, holster and boots.m, you’ll need to buy those separately. You can always reach out to an attaché with any additional questions and we’ll get back to you ASAP with an answer. Welcome to the world of white armor! Jim TK-50899
  14. Welcome the the FISD John. I too am a fellow Cloud City Garrison member! I look forward to trooping with you soon. Jim TK-50899
  15. Welcome back! We’re glad you’ve come back to the dark side......again. [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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