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  1. Good morning! For all things Sandy you’ll want to head over to http://forum.mepd.net. RS is a great choice no matter what version of trooper you are doing. Good luck! Jim TK50899
  2. Welcome to the FISD! We are glad you’re here. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions once you make a decision on your armor. We are here to help with every step of your journey. Jim TK-50899
  3. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/ This is the best place to go for that advice. The vetted maker post is constantly updated so all are good choices. Keep in mind some are suited to specific body types and versions of trooper armor. All the info is in this thread and although it’s a lot of info I highly suggest you take in as much as possible. Have Fun! Jim TK-50899
  4. No need to post a picture. If you’re looking into becoming a scout trooper you’ll want to head over to the pathfinder detachment. https://www.501stpathfinders.com there will be helpful folks just like here on the FISD to help get you squared away! If someday you want a full plastic spaceman you know where to find us! Take care and enjoy your journey! Jim TK-50899
  5. Good news! We can assist in guiding you through fitting into whatever armor you choose! If it’s outside of the armor we support we can link you up with the correct detachment. We accept troopers of all shapes and sizes! You just need to figure out what you’d like to do (That’s the trickiest part) MoSc0ut TK-50899
  6. Welcome and happy trooping!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I’ve got a big canning pot that works great for this! Jim Moser TK50899
  8. I was going to say, “Hey I recognize that guy!” It was great meeting you to and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of each other in the coming years! If you get stuck I’m just a stones throw away! Jim Moser TK50899
  9. This build was over three years ago and I don’t remember where I got the reference from. The amount of information on this site has grown exponentially since that time and when I get a moment I will correct it. By the way it’s also possible to private message me so that I can correct it. Jim Moser TK50899
  10. After you wear this armor you will start to understand why we take off as much as return edge as we can! If you are needing some help we are having an armor party here in Portland on the 20th. We’d love to help you get this closer to being ready for submission. Here are the details from our forum: https://www.cloudcitygarrison.com/forum/index.php?topic=12617 I look forward to assisting in making your dream a reality! Jim Moser TK50899
  11. Just my two cents here but I have had a WTF (Walt’s Trooper Factory) for the past three years and it has held up great. The pricing is pretty decent and his turn around times and customer service are fantastic. Also the details are good on mine and they have only gotten better in the past three years. I’m 5’9” and about 165 lbs and there was plenty to work with. I believe he now also has some options for folks that are bigger than me in the legs and arms department. Jim Moser TK50899
  12. Welcome and have fun on your white armor build! If you have questions anyone of us will be glad to assist! Jim Moser TK50899
  13. Fantastic! I can’t wait for the crowds to subside so I can go and really enjoy G.E.! Jim Moser TK50899
  14. Welcome! You have come to the right place. Looking forward to seeing your progress! Jim Moser TK50899
  15. Welcome the the wide world of White Armor! Jim Moser TK50899
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