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HOWTO: Build a E-11 from scratch V1.0

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How to build a E11 from scratch


Hy troops!


It has been a while since I finished my blaster, but since there are not a lot of tutorials on the FISD I thought it might help some of you smile.gif


Since i had seen Pablo's blaster on youtube I was fascinated by the posibilites and then i found this marvellous tutorial on the web, so if there is any step unclear from my small tutorial you should look it up here:

http://darksidesithlords tutorial

and i really have to thank those two, without Pablos inspiration and this tutorial it would have been a lot harder!




Just an update, this link is no longer valid.


Here is the new link:





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Wow, this is really impressive! I want one! Sadly I'm not experienced enough with anything metal workings related.
That demonstration video at the end made me grin like an idiot.

Just a small question though, in theory, one could choose to weld the bits together and then grind the weld lines flush to the barrel, right? Just seems a bit more solid than just screws, etc.


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