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  1. I was wondering as well if one could get a copy of the blueprints? That build is very, very impressive. You are a master.
  2. Hello. I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Scott, I was 6 when Star Wars first came to the screen and have loved stormtroopers ever since. I work as a props artisan for a regional theater. I do reenactments and entertain in 15th and 16th century medieval, and 17th century pirate, which is my favorite. I have built several costumes for those time periods for myself, friends, my wife and our two kids, and am currently working on a 15th century Milanese armor harness. Just a few years ago I learned about the 501, and have been looking for an excuse to join. One thing on my bucket list would be to walk in a parade at Disney along with hundreds of fellow stormtroopers. I think the work the 501 does with children's charities is really cool. Scott
  3. I was wondering what people thought about ANOVOS armor? I'm 5'-8", weight 185, 32" waist. I'm larger in chest, arms and legs. I have purchased a ATA kit, but am concerned the arms are to tight to build with 15mm cover strips. Legs concern me a little as well. I'm wondering if I would better fit an ANOVOS kit, they say they are made for a metamorphic build. Thanks.
  4. Right Front after both sides trimmed Right back after both sides trimmed Right front with 5/8" cover strip Right back with 5/8" cover strip Left front after both sides trimmed left back, only trimmed front side part 5/16" from raised ridge Left front with 5/8" cover strip left back with 5/8" cover strip over seem First off thank you for the responses, it's really great that you guys are so helpful to new members. I finally got some pictures and downloaded them. It seemed to take an act of god. I have no computer skills and my wife spent three days trying to get them downloaded. But here they are! As I had said, this is an ATA armor from 2013. If I cut down the left back seem anymore it will be to small for me. I'm not sure how to do the cover strip in the back to make it look right. I'm also worried about the upper arms. My bycepts measure 17ish inches. Would I put in a 5/8" cover strip in front and a larger one in back? Or make them uniform on both sides to whatever they work out to be? Or should I have gotten larger armor?
  5. Hi all. I just got my first Stormtrooper armor and am starting to build. It is ATA armor from 2013, I bought it used from a guy who had it and never got around to putting it together. I'm starting with the forearms. I've been looking at Pandabears build thread, thanks to him for posting that. I cut the right forearm pieces so that when they butt together they are covered by a 5/8" cover strip that fits right inside of the raised creases front and back. It looks great and just fits. But on the left side, I cut the front two half's so that when they butt together they are covered by the 5/8" strip and look nice, but if I do that to the back two half's it is way to small for my arm. I need to leave 1-3/8" material in between the two raised creases on each half if I want it to be the same size as the right forearm. Has anyone else noticed this? what size cover strip should I put over the butt join? 5/8" or 1-3/8" to fill the entire raised crease? Thanks
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