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  1. Just a heads-up the exact same kits are available elsewhere for as little as $250 When I (unwittingly) bought mine from the very same David Ashcroft, it was only $300 Stormtrooper Heaven (the apparent makers) even offer replacement parts for free if you break one Make of that what you will
  2. Oh, re the boots- you can wear them into the water, but you'll want to dry them out properly to avoid damage. To do this, stuff some balls of crumpled newspaper into them to hold their shape, and change the newspaper over every 20-30 minutes (it will draw water out of the boots) until they're dry again. All my strapping was glued with E-6000, and was completely unaffected (I was probably in the water for at least 15 minutes). Trooperbay decals were also unaffected by the water/chlorine. The only time my helmet got water INTO it was when I tried to swim freestyle. The stuff rushes in through the teeth right at your face, and if you try to turn your head to breathe like you would normally swimming freestyle, it's like the spin cycle on a washing machine. I thought it was pretty funny, but it was also a bit stressful. (bear in mind I also found it funny the time my gf electrocuted me as a practical joke) I would recommend survival stroke or breast stroke, it's less stress-y.
  3. It's really weird science to swim in. Your suit and boots and holster get WAY waterlogged and try to weigh you down, but the air bubbles trapped in the plastic try to keep you afloat. Keep in mind, I may or may not be a REALLY strong swimmer (I don't even know). I hate to be serious, but I gotta go- I have a drummer to jam with and studio stuff to set up... I will tell more tomorrow.
  4. I don't know about this Darth Furious guy, but I've done it. I've posted at least one photo of it before, I'll dig 'em out...
  5. Yes! Sell the missus to get a better blaster! Sent from The bank, using money I got from pawning in my cat
  6. Totally meant to be there (on Stunt lids, anyhow), check out starwarshelmets.com and it will become most overwhelmingly familiar! I love it, always reminds me of this guy. Sent from My police badge, using skills I learned during a solid weekend of training
  7. *recast, never recasted inb4 the Grammer Nazis for the win!!!!!!!!¡!! So this armour... seems less than legit, just maybe. Sent from My raised eyebrow using skepticism
  8. BTW, I think you're right These "sent from" jokes are getting WAY out of control Sent from Hell, where I sold my soul to Satan in exchange for an endless supply of "sent from" jokes
  9. Didn't notice this earlier I'm not actually a Brony, I just just MLP Express post because their prices are much cheaper than regular-sized Pony Express (because the horses are smaller, of course) I'm pretty broke these days, so I don't have a ton of money for expensive shipping Sent from a phone booth using the last of my spare change
  10. LOL I just tried to imagine that post in interpretive dance It's pretty spectacular I heartily recommend it Sent from my split sides using blood trails
  11. I swear it was the best Stormtrooper quote ever "Guys, you should check out my new blaster, it's huge!" "that's what she said" Sent from the stage using interpretive dance
  12. If only you knew what "rooting" means in Australian slang, you would understand why I fell off of my chair while reading that Sent from Equestria, using My Little Pony Express
  13. it had crossed my mind that THAT was what you meant It just didn't make sense to me because, well, she's a girl I've never known a girl to be worried about the "size of their gun", know what I mean? Sent from the Wild West, using the Pony Express
  14. no, it leads to tears and kicking yourself because you bought a suit that SUCKS I've been there, man
  15. and he says "you'll be happy with it" Not once you learn the difference between $#|T and CLAY, you won't
  16. I think his description gave me BRAIN CANCER Can you really say it's "amazingly detailed" when the details are all wrong?? Also he says this (recast FX POS) is his SECOND kit, the first one having been "an eBay ripoff" WTF??? Also he says he bought a bunch of recast kits in bulk (I think I might know where he got them from) Seriously think about this for a minute He is buying cheap recasts, slapping them together and selling them at a profit That is far worse in itself than recasting But to top it all, he is using his Legion membership, including TKID number as an advertising point This guy is actually working super effectively to bring the Legion into disrepute Yes we should name and shame We should take this up with his Garrison, who have the power to ban him We should take it up with Legion HQ (sure, their anti-recast policy has always been weak, but I don't think there has ever been a case this 'special') This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, and I used to photograph rotting dead animals as a hobby
  17. I once saw one get mistaken for the Stig It was pretty hilarious
  18. lol Garret Like you had to wait It aint even xmas yet buddy!
  19. to (2), Karin says no --------- That or she was feeling really lazy when she made this pair Either way, it's accurate
  20. Moose, you want my feedback on this thing? I think the second it is ready, People are gonna be like,
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