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  1. You know what I'm having trouble with... My reference was a scratch build of someone else's counter. So it's one step away from an original counter. This is what I was going off of as a reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stukatrooper/sets/72157604574695630/ And the vertical channels are from that and other references like this: Of course now that I look at real counters, there are no grooves like that. Looks like my current screws are 5mm (instead of your 3mm). Thanks for the tip. Chris
  2. Haven't built much lately, so I'm just having a lazy weekend....
  3. Interesting. Wonder if it will work on this guy. Chris
  4. I freelance in video production and sometimes I do this....
  5. What is the link to your E-11 Build thread? Chris
  6. Ok... I was being lazy and used the first screws I could find. After searching through my junk can of screws I found these.... Better?
  7. It was. I crushed the first box three times trying to make sure the glue was dry. If you look close it's not really that symmetrical, but I'm assuming that priming and painting it (and viewing it from 50 feet away) will help a lot. Chris
  8. My scratch build Hengstler counter: Didn't have local place to buy PVC Foamboard (Sintra) so I went to Home Depot to get picture frame plexiglass: It's a little thinner that I would have wanted but seems to work. I used the speed square to line up two pieces at a 90 degree angle for super glueing. I really like the Loctite bottle as opposed to the traditional little tubes of super glue. I used this tin can to catch the little pieces of plastic that I cut by pressing down with a razor blade. Without the can, the little pieces went flying never to be seen again. Still need to put a few details on and paint, but here is the end result: Chris
  9. I'm learning a lot about using my new Dremel and how good I'm getting at Super Glueing my fingers together. Chris
  10. Just started a scratch build myself if you are interested: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29899-e-11-blaster-cheapest-scratch-build/ Chris
  11. Those templates are from this website: http://www.imperial-fleet.com/modules.php?name=Tutorials&t_op=showtutorial&pid=1 There are templates for the handle in the download on the page. Chris
  12. Just an update, this link is no longer valid. Here is the new link: http://www.jehudahdesign.com/my-costumes/stormtrooper/blaster-rifle/the-creation-of-the-blaster-rifle-01.html Thanks, Chris
  13. Small work bench in the unfinished part of my basement nestled in between the boiler and the radon venting system. Also, my wife & kids won't let me play any music because it's right below the living room. Chris
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